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  • Hi ! I would like to join Honest Entropians. I have sended an application ingame but here is some short info. Started playing 4months ago, im from sweden. I know Lobbe Lobbe Dojje IRL. I am quite active, play about 15hours a week. Hope I can join!
    "100ped lyst, you get ALOT of skillgains in chat, 100ped durulium you dont get alot of skillgains in chat, but you get same amount of skills." Ooh didnt know this, is there any test done or just personal experience?
    oh :O and I haven't been on... okey. well hope to see ingame sometimes anyway :)
    nice to hear:) I'm doing great too

    what u playing these days if anything;)?
    Hi fellow Entropian. Bumping is good. But have u tried the good old way ? ... Shouting in some cities. :)
    It worked out great earlier.
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