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  • Hi all

    Too Hot To Hof is a all new soc, only 24 hours old, with 5 members for the moment.
    We are looking for new members that wonna join a soc with no rules other then treat your soc members and other players as you expect them to treat you! with respect!

    We dont care what your are doing ingame, your game/avatar your chose what you will do!
    We dont care if you are noob are uber! all are welcome, there are room for all of us.

    We have ts channel if that is something you wonna be a part of, if not its fine to

    So if you think this is something for you, your are more welcome to join us

    See your all ingame, and hope to see some of you in soc chat
    Good luck ingame to your all

    - Euphoria
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