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  • unfortunately the only logic i've found is my 30% return on everything so i'm afraid i'll never see what's in my loot pool ,-). I'm at dead point 0 peds empty storage the only thing left is to sell armor gun and skills..then go? lol thx for your message btw gl
    ty 4 +rep, however in last 6 months i was studing very deeply the game; and I follow thinking that this game is not a gambling game; but now i can say that it has a logic based in principles like the "90% TT return rate" and a individual loot pool. GL
    I would like to, but as a good newbie i'm dry PEDs (because of the conspiracy of MA against me)
    So I've left that in a corner of my mind for later, when i'll have zillions of paids weee!!....or not
    have you checked with some of the in game plastic surgeons? maybe it's possible with their skills, sounds like you would be a fun character to meet then hehe
    you cant make a fat avatar anymore? not that I want it tho lol

    but saw some nice(fat, ugly, "alien") ones pre vu10 lol
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