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    ComPet Announcement

    Ever the optimist George, i admire that about you :) A for the stable owners I suspect MA will remove them from game instead of giving them the ingame functionality they promised years ago. Yes, i'm ever the pessimist :) EDIT: although i am amazed they actually give something to the compet...
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    Letter from the CEO

    Lol that is what i was thinking, i think it is at least the fifth update to the user interface since i've started playing. If you remember which employee suggested it, fire him. Instead of talking to employees for 9 months, and coming up with virtually nothing, talk to some experienced players...
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    Selling: 1k AUD for 65k peds

    All or nothing at this price. If you want a smaller stack of 100 the price is 70 each, for a stack of 250 the price is 68 peds each.
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    Selling: Arkadia Undeground Deeds

    Bump and only 78 peds each if you buy over 1k :)
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    DeepToken sale starts in 3 days

    Oh god, this is so sad. Well i hope for them they get some money from it, and i hope for EU players not to waste money on it.
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    Selling: Arkadia Undeground Deeds

    Selling a lot of AUD's for a fixed price: 80 peds per deed When buying more then 100: 79 peds per deed When buying more then 500: 78,50 per deed pm me if you are interested
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    Most Underwhelming Moments in EU

    I would say buying a stable (well at the moment of buying it i was happy, the underwhelming part was the following months/years).
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    MindArk's Upcoming Blockchain Project

    And once again, mindark missed the boat. There are several ico's out there that promise virtual land virtual pets and virtual worlds in virtual Reality. So they are late, and with a lot less communication then other organisations around. I wonder: who is the brilliant person that came up with...
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    Arkadia Moon Deeds Sale

    Best news i heard in years, finally some development going on, i am going to get some soon :)
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    Merry Mayhem 2017 Preview

    As a miner/crafter i don't like the HP max amounts. I would prefer it if they used profession level instead.
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    Planet Calypso New Player Walkthrough

    Looks nice! any drafts available for the RT tutorial already?
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    An impulse to enhancer crafting, by simplifying the related crafting process.

    The only impulse enhancer crafting need is an increased drop rate for the resources used in crafting. I have to spend weeks to get enough stuff to craft enhancers. Stuff like super charger, surface toughness, infrasound emitters, sonic pulse amplifiers, but also resources like fire root pellets...
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    fishy CLD dealings on auction

    Maybe but i am betting he uses a bot for auction orders
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    Question: Eco Enhancers

    That is nonsense! When eco mattered a lot they worked like a charm. No idea about loot 2.1 though
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    Crafting A B C, where is Crafting 2.0?

    Crafting has been screwed over by hunting 2.0 enough already. No Need to make it worse.