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    Shadows Arms F Tier 2

    At this point and looking at the ATH Tier list I know this is not gambling anymore, there must be something to it. Who else would make an IMKII tier 5 or something? Or it could just be the success rate with high skills that is almost failsafe (or 100%)
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    Uber: Your a Miner said the Gazz Tower

    No you are red, you're an apple! :laugh:
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    Discovery: Hedoc SK-80

    If this is allready a necro? This corpse was not even fully rotten, if you call 1 month a necro... I just dont check EF so often anymore and if I then see _again_ Adi got something with only his 2 big ones (formi/esto iirc) fresh in my memmory I just had to comment. But to explain my post this...
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    Discovery: Hedoc SK-80

    :dunno: :handjob:
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    Discovery: Proteron Blood Sample

    what else is new, MA's favorite person. well I just say it in the open. damn you and the horse you rode in at. and why do we need proteron DNA at all? there are enough spawns of small and big ones, why the hell would anyone pay to hunt them in a LA? Be smart dont buy the DNA or create it at...
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    ATH: Ooops, I did it again..

    undeserved :dunno:
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    News: The End of "Entropia"?

    Ah tobad it isnt true :(
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    PR: Planet Calypso Hires New Community Manager

    Now that Skam is hired, doesnt that mean your old avatar gets to be deleted? What happens to all the stuff on it, items skills etc. Do you have a chance to sell before you have to abandon the avatar? And by the way what is the job managing the community means, being online and helping players...
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    The truth behind the lootpool

    This is even better: RAKsMnAM8vk :lolup:
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    The truth behind the lootpool

    I discovered the truth behind the lootpool. This short clip explains it all. 3uYuScZOyiM
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    Uber: Nice ESI from Kreltin Alpha

    did ESI go up to 1000% again? otherwise no uberloot, I dont want to stomp on your loot. its still nice, but aint no uber me reckon ;)
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    Do midget have night vision?

    They come in through the cat-hatch, make sure to have it locked at night. But I thought they stole socks while they were in the dryer. L0n-86GgXDU
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    Do midget have night vision?

    Didnt they steal Underpants? Di757LH4FS0
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    Do midget have night vision?

    Gimli: Well, here's one dwarf she won't ensnare so easily. I have the eyes of a hawk and the ears of a fox. Haldir: The dwarf breathes so loud, we could have shot him in the dark.
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    Selling: Mod Merc SGAE

    Why dont you sell the MM and keep the SGA? Oh wait you have the ancient one, never mind....