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  • i am not going, just selling skills i don't use. trying mining around these days.
    I got a offer to sell all my avatar with skills and all gear, then i ask after that in sup. To get premission to sell my avatar, they said no and
    referred to the rules.
    Then I told them that they are wrong because MA has said that we players can do that but first we have to inform MA because they need to change the address to the new owner.

    Then said sup. Again no and referred to the rules, I said that they would stop lying to me.
    Nothing happend.....Then I proved it to them that I was right.

    Then they turned abruptly and said - Yes we know about it... (so I was right they were trying to trick me with a lie).

    Then they said they would refer the matter to the person who would answer this.

    Nothing happend.....Later, I wrote again to sup. and And wanted to know the results of my question - they had no idea what I'm talking about.

    So now I have started all over again.

    Sir Valentin
    Thanks for the +rep. Was just in your shop...saw you...shoulda said hi :)
    Merry Christmas and all that good stuff !
    Go to options, second tab, there should be a gamma slider. Try moving that one to the right. Also works wonders for night-time hunting :D
    Hey, try contacting some people around Twin Peaks and see if you can find somebody who knows me (there is generally more than one person there who does). We can meet up so I can get you the harness :)
    no mind ark locked somebody and sent that out in chat, to everybody in game. i thought it made a nice forum siggy. don't you think so?
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