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  • Hi Ize :)
    Hope all is well with you, haven't had a chance to talk to you in a while. I hope you are running again :)
    Take care and catch you soon !
    Tx Ize, Happy new year to you too! and happy moving in :) I hope you like the new home. Catch you soon !
    haha yeh i will pm my msn to you... that sucks you cant get TS going.. i had so much trouble with it too.. the boys never let you get a word in anyway :p
    Hi there Ize ;). Been busy IRL. My daughter come home from college and festival of Deepavali happenning here! Also my mother and mother in law with me for the the festival ;0. Work is busy too ;(. So all in all I been on EU at odd times so missed U. Dont fret I will be back in force soon :), Take care !
    Ello !! =). Welcome! dont forget to apply to join the Entropia asia subforum.
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