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    Shameless Theft at AH West

    Found this one inside the perimeter, nothing suspicious was spotted though. But I can confirm the location! also found this one almost inside the perimeter, the actual house is just outside the search area. nothing found there either so I think it's safe to exclude this one from the case!
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    FYI: 2010 Bot (invasion) locations!

    BUMP for bot locations, defend our home!
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    So, who bought Calypso?

    Unfortunately MA is not listed in any public stock exchange, yet.. SO I don't think it's that easy to monitor, but what do I know :scratch2:
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    Quest/Missions - A list

    I just stumbled over this myself! In what mission is it used? Can't remember that I have looked for this strange crate which has a Beeping device inside it... Edit: here was the answer :)
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    HoF: First Hoff

    the markup is 150 000% as pointed out, I'm still baffled about how you think its 75ped... ok the markup history might not provide an accurate estimate for this item but its that history these ppl base the 775ped on... 0.5ped * 1546 = 773ped I just don't want you to loose out on couple of...
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    HoF: First Hoff

    I also didn't see the picture.. anyway here it is! And damn that BP really has nice markup which turns out to be ~775ped as pointed out by others! Gratz! :yay:
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    Affiliate Program

    You should have bought the Asteroid!
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    Did you global in July 2010? Quick poll - Need your help

    Yea, I voted no and just realised I got two team globals on Longtooth...
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    should bo'd items be placed in carried inventory?

    word! what I was about to write...
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    "I will kill you in RL!"

    Tell us more plz! :eyecrazy:
  13. J shows vehicles

    Nice video indeed!
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    Boredom + Old Stuff = Fun results!

    Nice! I like how the tp is connected to the whole Universe :p btw I love your current signature!
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    HoF: Bones unlocked Premonition!

    gz why does he not do this when I'm online?