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    Help: Lost My Ticket Event - 100 ped Reward

    :yay: Lost Ticket is back!:yay: +rep
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    Discovery: UL Male Tiger harness (309 ped neconu mature - Tetanias)

    Gratz and thx for hunting OLA 19! :)
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    Fishing: A new activity for Entropians

    I used to play another MMORPG that had a simple fishing activity and it was very cool. The bait was like ammo (purchased) and most times you would lose your bait (less often with more exp.) and the pole (also purchased) could break. The things you caught were not very valuable, more bait, a...
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    NEVERDIE Studios Includes?

    NEVERDIE Studios is an estate on Rocktropia, similar to the houses on Calypso. Originally it was a prize for an event. It is owned by someone else now (I am not in-game atm to get the whole name) so if there is anything inside of it you would have to ask them what it is. Last time I looked...
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    Small warp drive needed for Quads

    Just for the record, I have done 4 or 5 full-day hunts on the cosmic horrors and haven't looted any generic fuses either. All the information I get from others is only rumor, not "I looted a generic fuse from _____ today." Everything Parlog has pointed out is absolutely true. Quads are...
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    Investment Opportunity: BIG Industries l Acquisition Group

    Sounds like a great idea! As for trusting Blast, he is 100% trustworthy. He has been promoting my OLA for awhile now and I prepay the monetary prizes for the month and hand over hundreds/thousands of ped in other prizes to distribute to the winners. I have never lost a single pec and...
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    Space is Imminent

    Corrections have been made to the latest buzz, the teleporters will no longer provide travel between planets.
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    Wrong, those are portable and retain their value because you can improve any house or apartment for your own enjoyment. If the reverse were true their value would go down every time an outpost is added. If your location sucks, move. Buy a hangar or a land area with those terminals or have them...
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    Yes I confirm this but you hardly need my backing. ;) The price included some other stuff but it was mostly hangar price at the time. I remember others going for high 150k's to 190k at the time if you could even find one and even then the location was bad. True the location no longer matters...
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    WOF 2011: Team AMETHERA

    :yay::woohoo::yay: Great show everyone! Extra thanks to support and gz on that uber too!
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    Help: VTOL mounted weapons and pvp

    Great thread! Thanks to all of you, you saved me some ped. I am ready for this to become great but it seems we still cannot even sit down much less dogfight or anything really pvp. :( My shopkeeper has more actual ability than my avatar. :D
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    WOF 2011: Team AMETHERA

    :lolup: It is true, that was pretty brutal all the way around but we did reform and continue on! Kudos to Targen for selflessly running headlong into certain death over and over again, alone.... I hope next time our numbers will be increased and your computer issues will be fixed. :) Final...
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    Tetania's Grunion Run l April

    You're very welcome, I hope you'll enjoy! The other events are Tetania's Neconu 100, here's a link: GL :)