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    flying faster in space with a quad

    I wild guess but there may be a bug in EU/CryEngine similar to Quake's Strafe Jumping. An overview can be found on Wikipedia here with mathematical explanation why it works here. Or it may be something as simple as Speed hacking (manipulating your PC's clock/network packets sent to the game)...
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    Warp mined for the first time!

    Note that there are two things that help preventing from being pulled out of warp: 1. Better Warp Drives (II-IV) 2. Captain profession (works like Dodge in space :cool: )
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    Space Mobs location?

    At a quick glance they seem good, just keep in mind that space has three dimensions and the mobs may be "higher" or "lower" than you -- as in you may be at correct X and Y coords but you need to tweak with Z axis. They are usually at the same Z coords as planet space stations. Note that some...
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    Is it against TOS to play someone elses avitar?

    MA will not provide any support when it comes to account security to person who shared their account details with someone else. But using someone's else account or sharing the credentials is not against ToU/EULA AFAIK.
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    The Limited Debate

    Make durability of L weapons few times higher - making them last longer. At the same time to balance it out, increase ammo consumption. The result? Same eco per shot but MU of weapon would make less of an impact on the hunter as the total cost of ownership of that gun would be mostly in ammo burn.
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    The Limited Debate

    Looking at what MA did with Motherships and Privateers is an interesting idea. The hull of these ships is UL but it is useless on its own, you need Energy Source (L), Sub-Warp Drive (L), Armaments (L) and Warp Drive (L) - note currently only Warp Drive decays with use but I'm sure the rest will...
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    The Limited Debate

    Limited items have no value? It's like saying your loot has no value... With gear being UL only and when Limited items would not exist that's exactly what would happen in long run in EU. Why? Because everyone at certain stage would get the UL gear they want and there would be no need for...
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    Playing Entropia Universe with the Oculus Rift

    Keep in mind that until (hopefully) you'll get used to the nausea caused by the headset your gaming sessions with the Oculus Rift will be 10-20min. Initially your brain is not used to getting confusing information from your eyes and the inner ear. Eyes are telling it that you are moving, but...
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    Playing Entropia Universe with the Oculus Rift

    I actually prefer much lower Zoom value (40-50%) so that I can see most of the UI elements without moving them to the center of the screen. Hunting is fun, but try flying around in Sleipnir or driving around - IT ***** ROCKS! :D
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    More Space discussion

    Magyar, I meant no disrespect to you, I did not know who wrote the content on PC site but I enjoyed reading it. Nothing you wrote is wrong, it's just that with current perception on pirates attracting more players to be pirates is, well, questionable. I don't want to get suck into discussion...
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    More Space discussion

    --Mod's note (JohnCapital)-- These posts started as an off topic debate in another thread, so in order to preserve the original thread topic, plus not lose this one, I've moved it into it's own thread. --/Mod's note (JohnCapital)-- Piracy is one of the professions now advertised by...
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    Question about using a second account

    There's one case where MA explicitly allows and agrees for one person to have two accounts - if that person is a director of a registered company and the second avatar represents that company.
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    Do we want more caves in the game ?

    I wouldn't be surprised if the next step for MA would be to sell instance LA, just like recently the Moon. Come one, come all, design your own instance!
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    Titans of Space Starfleet - KOS list

    Hush Sakuba! Don't spoil my honey pot :D
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    Major estate announcement

    It's all part of PR strategy :cool: Need one of them tin foil hats too! (that's a great idea for a freebie on 1st Apr hint hint, wink wink)