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  • I'm back in EF Read, see the photos and comment my vacations in Greece!
    WoW the Spacecake got into me half down the road at home.
    some heavy stuff that was xD

    NaNsterdam was great!
    Cya ingame!
    Hi DrPaddo,

    Thanks for reminding me, I had almost forgotten it was getting closer. I would be grateful to have some assistance with organising, as it is a little difficult to plan events without being in Holland. I have replied to your thread, and we will get things moving as soon as we can agree suitable dates.

    Cya later,

    Hey Nakor, I'm sorry I couldn't make it too. Money is tight as I am hoping to go visit nAn members in the states. I'm good for the figurines tbh. A soc mate sent some from the states when he was an ambassador. The books can be sent to: Matthew Cripps, 56 High Street (Apt 7), Twerton-upon-Avon, Bath, Somerset, BA2 1DD.

    I hope you are having a blast in London. See you ingame sometime. ;)
    hey buddy, im at the london meet shame you didnt make it, i picked up some spare figurines if you want them mailing to you along with your books! i have an atrox, a longu and a hogglo painted if you want they are quite cool

    let me know, Nakor
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