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  • Since I started to hate standing in Twin for coloring/texturing I decided to take another profession.

    Spending all my time in enhancer crafting now, but I still will help customers if they need coloring/texturing for free cause I still have the skills.

    Where to find me?

    Treasure Island City in the trade center crafting if you want to buy/sell from me directly.

    If I'm not online and you need enhancers, find them close to the TP (closest entrance) TICity, Platinum, Block C, shop 5.

    Usually I put stacks of 50-100 in the shop, but if you need more, please send me a message.

    For hunters/miners I'm always in demand of resources to craft, so let me know if you have anything to sell and clear up some peds :)

    Thank you for visiting and gl :D
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