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    Selling: WTS: Arcspark T6.9

    is that with the amp
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    Please give me my USD 55'976$ Back!

    does the shift in sweat hunters to other areas correlate with your drop in revenue?
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    Next batch of FEN items are being added when?

    no, you want market to dictate price not a reseller, as a former reseller my self, you don't want people like this in charge of your economy lol.
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    Next batch of FEN items are being added when?

    A reseller is NOT a good balancing manager lol.
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    Divinity Fund : Fixed 8% ROI

    What will you be using the money on?
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    Question: Daspletor and Cornonterion spawn

    he spent over half a million US dollars, making his investment drop to 0 is bad practice this aint bitcoin.
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    Selling: The Unique pet of Monria

    there is atleast 4then cause dan has two.
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    Selling: Terminator Shares - 8% (15-18% ROI)

    with the level cap and dps cap on events the roi is significantly going to be lower, to all buyers do your own due diligence.
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    Selling: Imp Fap, T1.9

    20k ok thx
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    Merry Mayhem 2017 Preview

    buying terminator +20k
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    some of the fiber optic cables between Hong Kong and Australia got damaged in two typhoons most of southeast Asia got rerouted via us lines this happened in September and is just now being completed and being redirected as normal most of north America should be seeing some normalization.
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    Server Downtime for Maintenance

    Just a heads up but due to a typhon out at sea the fibre optic lines got damaged and are being repaired.
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    Selling: Imp fap

    21k ped:):)
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    Buying: lvl 100 250 hp

    buy lvl 100 avatar with 250 hp if you selling out let me know thx.
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    ALT's created to Loot Rings

    As a new player why would you not buy storage boxes or the starter packs from the shop, I know of a well know re seller who bought one of these rings for nothing because the looter didn't know what it was. You are looking for things that are not there smoke and mirrors my friend.