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    HoF: Rocking HOF

    decided saterday that should take a look at Rocktropia. was worried a bit cause the teleporter fee, but it payed out with a nice HOF. well all oil again, but who cares. Click to enlarge Click to enlarge but time to come back to home, rocktropia is nice, but too small in my eyes.
  2. Rock-hof 1

    Rock-hof 1

  3. Rock-hof 2

    Rock-hof 2

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    Version 10.7 BUG with right mouse ?

    mouse buttons are totally screwed atm, filling support case with details. well just hoping for fast reaction, although i know its MA lol
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    Blank screenshot

    problem gone. lol i switched to german language, no wonder it stopped working hehe. just works in english
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    Blank screenshot

    :eek:wow, fast reaction. nice turn m8 :yay:
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    Blank screenshot

    BUMP i have same system and same problem, was running all fine with versions bfore, but since the new one its deleting the chat.log too fast. even tried with Entropia Tracker Suite_1_0_1_95 again, but same problem. PLZ HELP
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    Blank screenshot

    unfortunaly i have the same problem with Entropia Tracker Suite_1_0_1_103, keeps deleting chat.log. no server communication, no screenshots
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    1st Mining Global XV

    :yay: and this year is still good, after chipped in some surveying(just from 250 to 2k) i got my 1st global not even an hour later. Click to enlarge damn its going to take ages to get all the melchi with the tt extractor out lol
  10. 1st Mining Global

    1st Mining Global

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    Neophyte's crafted attachments, Twin Peaks Mall, level 1, 12.

    bumpedibump more power to ya
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    Blank screenshot

    hmm seems to work with the login screen, ill give it another try when the server is back up ok working all fine now
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    Blank screenshot

    if we talkin bout the tracker here, theres no option to run in admin or compatibility mode when i rightclick on it. unfortunaly i have the same problem like cash. or maybe im just to stupid to find the installed files from the tracker, in which folder is it????
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    Anaglyph Entropia (Real 3D)

    bump - my inerest some more ppl as it is a 2$ sollution
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    Anaglyph Entropia (Real 3D)

    here some videos, i think its looks better when u see the movement 0DcRMMrIStc ePC9MT_fUAs