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    I watched episode one yesterdat and I really felt like I was watching something shot in the old Minopolis of Calypso. Everyone who remembers how Minopolis looked before the overhaul will know what i mean.
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    EU Karma

    Last week I bought some Karabook hide out of a noob, just a few PED, I throw in a pair of boots in the trade windows since the ava was barefooted. I often place BPs on ground, help with TP runs, buying sweat or other noob resources just to help out. Andonce and then throw in some clothing or a...
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    copyright proof?

    Imaterail law is a very interesting subject now when we have Internet. In Sweden we have the "STIM", they charge everyone who puts out music to the public, elevators, radio stations, shops, restaurants, at work, etc. And of course they care about what is distributet on the Internet. I'm not...
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    How do you go faster in space with quad (L)

    Could it be that space being 3dimensional affects this. If A travels in a straight line, standing still on level X & Z and only moving in X. A perfect X travel. And traveler B moves in X, but also slightly in Y and nothing in Z. A will gain on B cause of more perfect line and end up within...
  5. QuadWing movement

    QuadWing movement

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    View Items in Inventory from PC Site?

    If u like then cut n paste to an excel sheet. Add data filter and play around with all your inventory list.
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    FYI: Happy anniversary to all Tamers

    Patiente has always been the most important skill to have to survive in EU. I can wait while more, np, there is other stuff to explore in the meantime. And I can at least build up mu whip skill by killing mobs with my whip.
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    Info: Planet Cyrene - Spear Mission

    If u compare the stats u see that the spear have much bigger engine(2K hp compared to the pods humbnle 140 hp), is faster, not as fast as a valk though. It also consumes 3xoil compared to the Arkadia hoverpod.
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    Selling: Whip Skill Implants

    Subscribing; Have to get home and check my current skill lvl before deciding to bid or not. :offtopic: I think this thread needs more animated smiles. Consider this a free:bump:
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    Planet Postmoderna Phase 1

    Postmoderna has been in the background of PE/EU since 2005 and this is one thing that talks for this. They never give up. As I recall it they first tried with their own graphic engine as a mockup to prove that the have the knowledge to create something like this. And with a EU planet they need...
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    Owning Land And Doing Well!

    It's only money so why bother? I rather live a hard life here in EU than having to much. If I got an uber it would probably ruin all my gameplay and I'm here to have fun, not to earn money. I'm more than happily hand over some buck to Deathifier.
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    Question: Nobody finds this a tiny bit unsettling?

    I think it was VU9 that hit us in 2007. MA introduces clothing decay and the brilliant thing that low TT value on clothes ment that they where more fatigued. This ment that for high end goods u had to lock big amounts of PED in TT value just to show how the things looked and people stoped using...
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    Stuck in space

    It would be really nice to have this bug fixed. It's very timeconsuming to hang dead in space. Why not turn of PVP in space until it's fixed?
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    Question about Taming

    If we compare taming and mutant villages: Mutant vilages is a design issue using existing game functionality. Taming is a new game system that needs to be developed, tested and released. MA/FPC probably works on more new game systems since this is what they aim for during 2012. Quote from...