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  • Right Northy. I know you mean no harm & you can be quite a funny guy when i've spoken to you in game, But can you stop the pointless posts about EF & the ppl that spend there time,

    I short your making yourself look foolish
    OK, it's annoying to bring up all those old posts. You are obviously just trying to get your posts up. So PLEASE quit.
    Whaaaat? No messages? Well lets change that you Vivo sucking son of a gun.. never in my life have I been sooo low on my wonderful healing apparatus.. heh As said yesterday.. I am always on the look out for cheap bloodmoss as well as robot res.... keep that in mind for any in your soc as I would then be able to craft many more..


    p.s. thanks for the gratz.. where is the rep? lol ;)
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