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  • Hey mate =) The last few days I've been working rather much, so haven't had the time to play that much really, but as soon as this week is over I think I'll have some more time and you will be seeing me a lot more online ;)

    About Ex Cons. I left a few weeks ago to join Divine Justice. Ex Cons wasn't really the right soc for me (due to a bit low activity there lately and such). I'm still hunting a lot with the guys in the soc there, so just send me a PM ingame if you want to make a 'lil hunt ;)

    My RL if great atm! :) Hope everything is all right with you as well mate? :)
    I just got a new job, That's why I've been working quite a bit as we are a bit low on workers atm, so I've had to lots of overtime ^^ but my pay is indeed a lot better in my new job, so I will have a lot more PEDs to play with in the times comming :D

    Thnx and happy new year to you as well my friend, cya soon ingam and I'm always ready for a team hunt! ;)
    God damn, we got Lazio.. Oh well... Ajax you say... 2 swedes in that team, but both are outside the rooster now i belive..
    They stand a good chance against all, even though i hope for Basel.. Lazio and PSV should win 9 out of 10 games vs Elfsborg... But so should Braga...

    And thanks for the rep :)
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