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    Please boykot Next Island

    I would love to live in a land where pizza and cinema cost $4!!
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    Medusa's Head Virtual Property to be Auctioned on Planet Calypso

    I ama bit drunk. I have a vtol which I like. I feel like I am the one that hasn't hears about entropia. How do you feel?
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    NASA press conference

    At least now we know that not all lifeforms are based on carbon. It might not seem like a big deal but when you think about it, it really is. Before we had the drake equation that was based partially on carbon. Now we suddently have another substance. It significally better the chance, doesn't...
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    NASA press conference

    The CAKE is a lie, all else is fair game!
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    NASA press conference

    I really don't hope for any more, but even that would be a major breaktrough Let's hope they have learned. The last one (with the youngest black hole) was really interesting though. I hope you do not consider me one of those. I follow science not supersticion Agree. But we will have to...
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    NASA press conference

    This looks really interesting :) Link: Taken from another site: Link:
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    Second Avatar issues, and what can we do about it... ???

    I Remember old days when it was against the rules to autocraft. Hell, I remember when it was ok. I was one of those in that days that still refused to use autoclickers. Suddently it was legal... My friend got bpc without having to do it manually. I Still hasent got it. The problem with...
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    Servers Down For Release

    If beacons comes back within 12 hour, I will sponsor the first 12 for a 1K mission!* *Ofcourse there is small print (well it should be, but this is a new forum!) You have to be a member of Skillin' Villains
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    Parlog oh Parlog, I thought that you at least had the understanding of not to click every link your friends send you. As I am sure you know is that Facebook doesn't automatically send you viruses. Data mining. Yes. Along with google and that sort. I have been a facebooker for almost as long as I...
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    Why should I start again?

    I have just found out that I have to do it.! Sometimes I feel like I have to take a break, And then..... I realy w<nna give a bit. My Soc is the bestest! And I suck cpck in hell! EDIT! Sometimes, I am full of my self. Just look at my picture. dont mean to quit, but i guess, maybe I wanna...
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    Why should I start again?

    As the title say, why should I start again? I am a lucky one. I have a great society. (Skillin' Villains) I have been playing since 2006, and the first time i registered was 2005. I have had a break for about a year because I am one of those that feel like I dont need to play everyday. My...
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    Latest Buzz (27th August)

    Why hasn't this been posted? k_U6mWu1XQA
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    Latest Buzz (27th August)

    I really miss my companion cube...
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    Event: EU World Boxing Championships 2010 – Sponsored by FPC

    Rico ReadBird Killjoy Lightweight SV
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    attention decoders!

    Hydra appears in Richard Wagners Opera Das Rheingold EDIT: It appears there is a Richard W. Wagner too that is a researcher with something including metal and proteins. Didn't understand anything of it but here is a link