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  • NO one will replace you on AHR - Wish you the best of luck in all you do. Remember your friends are here for you :) always.
    I was posting in your thread's gone? I said submit reply and it brought up a error block thing and then I couldn't find the thread I came here :D

    I have listened to AHR on occasion. My country is terrible when it comes to internet so playing and listening is not an option so when I'm not playing I listen to AHR when I'm browsing and such. I love community radio programs and it's great that you brought this feature to Entropia.

    Best of luck with your future endeavours
    you will be missed. I know i will you comments on AHR and the music you play.. You have a great personality that was fitting to AHR.
    Your Show was great Today. Enjoyed the comedy. The Live stream video is great to watch.. your wife should poker her face in everyonce in a while.. and maybe give you a quick slap on the back of your head - just to keep you in line - Lolololo
    Hi Sapeian, would be cool to get my sponser on your site.

    I hope that offering my beauty spervice helps fro events prizes etc.

    you can use my signature for the advert or i can get a new one done for the.

    any hows keep up all the good work on the radio.
    Ok, i have a genuine question for you: Why did you delete DJ's post in MS9's "midnite moods" thread where DJ is saying very nice things and even wishes MS9 the best of luck? And even stranger... why did you add "stop the flaming" as reason for deletion? Are you just trying to push DJ in a bad light even when she makes a very decent nice post?

    And yes, i have read DJ's post so i know for a fact what was in there. There was absolutely NO REASON at all to delete that.

    I think that post only survived 2 minutes or so. WHY? Cause she actually came across as nice?
    There you are.. been waiting for you obi sapeian :)

    Let me know if you ever need anything :)

    Hi there. Thanks for a great broadcasting. I talked to Des about a track that would have fited her first show. but since she already had all the tracks down in line she might use it later on. Its Dj Shog - Feel Me. if there is a normal version or it that sounds better then the one i got use it. hehe Regards DotPitch

    Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    YAY........and all presents R beloong to sapeian!!!!!!!!!!!

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