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    Change Calypso Space Port In to Athena (read details)

    Just quoting Geo as a Bump
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    Change Calypso Space Port In to Athena (read details)

    Athena Space port make much more sense as the entry point from space for Caly. It's got my vote! Thanks Ben Dover for getting everyone to take a look at this!
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    The Future of Warp Flights in EU

    :-p Too short
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    The Future of Warp Flights in EU

    Eastern time is +4 UTC presently. Should be 4pm EU Time. I guess I can do the math.. :-P
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    NEW FREE to Play Model For This Games Success

    This is NOT a "Free Game To Play" game. This is a MMO with a Real Cash Economy. Within Entropia there are options to gain funds by expending lots of effort on extremely tedious tasks with an aim at getting you bored and have you put money into the game and play with all the cool items faster...
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    Premium Benefits - Subscription

    2000 ped per month.. :laugh:
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    Nothing online?

    Yep, seemed to be a DNS issue at MA.. happened back on the 15th also.. Should we ask for a Root Cause Analysis report? :laugh:
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    connection issues

    Had the same issue last night and moved my DNS service to Google ( All started working again. Looked like the DNS server with the info were receiving timeouts on the original service.
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    It's a shame

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    MA is leading an unfair game

    I agree.. and I think this thread should be closed.
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    Selling: Everything You Need to Massively Scale Up Your Game

    Also forgot Captain Caveman.. Consider this a bump..
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    Server Downtime for Maintenance

    I hope they fix the chats soon.. this daily reset is making it difficult to run/manage a chat group.
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    Suggestion: Space Hunting Suggestion

    I don't know about this.. Have they been asked? They may come up with a rate to handle a Quad hunting trip with a few repairers on the flight deck. :smoke:
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    Knowing where to hunt next

    Great advise as always. You definitely know what you are talking about (unlike some others around here..)
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    Suggestion: Shopkeeper Trade in program.

    Until MA can fix the issue with shops, let's leave Shopkeepers alone.