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  • After a little dispute on my first withdrawal, technical support told me that it was Satisfactory.

    Now i am waiting for the money to be transferred on my Bank account :sneaky: (never jump of joy too fast...)

    Edit : On the 21th of March 2022 i received 79€ (1000 peds) on my French Bank account.
    A good thing when you're new on a forum, is to build your own reputation before questioning those whose reputation is intact.

    I have seen quite a few Hatchlings trying to reinvent the wheel.

    Better get acquainted with the "search" feature on the forum than trying to be "smarter" than the rest.

    All you'll win by doing this is to land on the "ignore" list of people, both in the forum and in the game.
    If you need a Mentor, i am ready to coach you ^_^

    You might find this guide interesting : Entropia Universe Beginner's Guide by a Rookie

    If i never answer to you on the Forum or in game, you might be on my ignore list.

    Trash talking in the rookie chat, being an arrogant bast... things like that will get you on my ignore list forever.
    Having a lot of fun with EU ! Back 11 years after i started in 2007-2010 was a good idea ! Actually... Was it ?!?

    Because now i am fucking addicted :ROFLMAO: Also i am unemployed and it explains why i had so much time to play.
    But this come back is only temporary ! As much as i love EU, i have 2 children to feed :giggle:

    LargeGamer (yeah that's my nick and not TontonX)
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