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  • you will never believe the HOF I got. check the list there are 2... im so glad i auctioned the 103s and got 104s now
    hey man I had a quick question (thought i'd wait and see what you said) do you use an om-105 or use the best limited one you can? Im not worried about picking up globals or HOFs quickly, just everything below it. I'm not sure if the loss is worth the speed
    Im considering depositing a little bit more but is this more of a security deposit or do you think that when I actually hit something it is going to cover my losses up the this point
    hey man. last run I came back a little better... lost 100 ped before more up... so i lost like 50 ped, still not too great... Hopefully it changes soon or this game is going to be a thing of the past once again =P
    Hi Wisdom!

    Ragna Rock who is brokering the sale of much of my skill has pointed me in your direction and told me that you are looking to buy mining skill.

    I am having some internet connectivity issues tonight and seem to only be able to stay on line for very short periods.

    I hope that these will be resolved soon and as such I'll hopefully be on line tomorrow evening.

    My avatar Will Willis Grace is at Fort Argus at the moment so we should be able to meet easily.


    Will Willis Grace
    Not sure; many dozen top players have been locked at the same time. In the meantime, I was unlocked according to an email from MA.
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