Info: 20th Anniversary Event Map

There are some north of nyphtown. If you go even further north there are some bigger ones.
Hmmm, just finding the bigger ones... Looking fo the Trooper F2-TF 's ...

EDIT : Found them :)
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Thank you very much for gathering all that info here!
need to update robots location now, something goes wrong after todays MA update
new robot attack areas:
ametherea waypoints
/wp [Calypso, 36025, 48716, 190, Waypoint] C1-TF
/wp [Calypso, 39915, 29781, 102, Waypoint] L1-TF
/wp [Calypso, 26229, 37506, 160, Waypoint] F2-TF

haven't been to the eudoria ones yet
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Thanks Angel02. This is so helpful. I would never be able to get all this information together. Again, many thanks :love:
Thanks to Ludvig I found the Droka-spawn. Drokas Gen 01-10 dense spawn shared loot but with a warlock Hydra guarding in the middle :) At 88350 | 82950 - SSE of Minopolis.
The Droka Gen 01-10 dense spawn at 88350 | 82950 is atm filled with Eomons young/mature. Taking in account the Droka 01-03 natural spawn NW of Camp Phoenix remains invaded by Warlocks, is there any other known spawn atm?
A lot of people are asking around for locations of all different mobs and I've only visited a few of them and some/most(?) of thrse locations still seem to be valid. Let's give it a bump and another thanks again to O2, fantastic work!
While a lot of the waypoints are the same there are some changes and some locations I think have changed. For example I'm trying to find big troopers the waypoint given in the opening post takes you to a spawn of warlocks. Anyone know where big troopers are? From globals I can see there is a spawn of big troopers somewhere.
Wave events seem disabled but all the harverster locations seem ok. Remember that harvesters aren't always active, you could go there and find nothing.

I'll scout a bit today if I have some me time... hopefully.