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  • bleh you were right, i was wrong with all your estate deed purchases.... :)
    (well except for hangars ofc :))
    Hey there Ace!
    Your private messages are full so I thought I'd post this here.

    I'm glad to hear you're considering Synergen as a potential society for yourself. We're a great group of guys (biased opinion perhaps! :p) but if you can't find Aeon online or on PCF, you can contact Sir Emi (siremi on PCF) and he should be able to invite you to the soc. If you still have trouble reaching one of them, then add me in game and I can send the invite from my end, and forward the info to emi/aeon/sloe for acceptance.

    Best regards.
    lol no. I'm not a senator. :) When the voting system goes in here, maybe. Until then it's just my plug. Calypso's first 'Senator.' Since I hold a respectable amount of CLD I think it is my responsibility to put things out to the community as completely and honestly as I can, both good and bad. Fortunately as far as MA is concerned I see more good than bad. Wish I could say the same for some forum users, but that's life!
    Hi George, I see you joind the group Universal Quad Squad :) I know all current members & have them in my fl, but I havent meet you yet. Are you a pilot looking for work or perhaps you'd like to have your MS on the list when posted in services thread. Or do you just like joining groups :D Please get back to me & lemmi know ya thoughts on this. Cheers LLL
    ..because its always on our minds and we never get enough of it ?!? :laugh:

    (thanks for the rep and cracking me up this morning! :D )
    Yes I did, thanks for replying. Hope you are doing well. I no longer need the symbol as I did.

    btw, your inbox is full.


    Would you enjoy someone else spreading rumors about you. I am willing to bet you wouldnt.Plus if u have one shread of evidence show it.You Cant.All u do is take your pathetic lip and run run run it.You really should get a job or do something that shows me your have any credibilty..Where is your proof,, U have none..U cant produce it because all u do is perpetuate lies..Please show me ..
    Lmao what a sad display of childishness
    Heres your message to me
    "and what about your ill gotten gains? u fat crook !"
    first and foremost i am an honest player. Secondly your a ignorant.
    Thirdly your a prick.
    lastly i think as much of your opinion as i do a rodent in my Barn.
    Hey George, sorry i missed your welcome hunt yesterday, need to sort out internet speed, so wont be on for a few days!
    You're welcome Hon ... it's an absolute classic, and probably my favorite thread in this whole forum. And thank you btw. ;)
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