Uber: A couple L Finders from Mining Boxes. Loot Waves confirmed!

Big Gratz Bunker!!! :yay:
Well, if it was worth 10.000 ped, everyone missed out on a deal when it was on auction for 7 days with a 4k start bid and 6k buy out. :/

Thanks for the Gratz
Thats 700 depth finder and has 2.2 ped more surveys used, and 1300 uses? That would be like 6 ped extra mu per drop, maybe its only for crazy gamblers like level 13 amps, or they know really good sure MU spots that you can amp and get 6p markup, more on avg with this, 2p bigger finds and pay 6p for 2p. i dont think its good idea to use it
It's so excited to see all the awesome mining loots, big GZ OP :)