Account is locked and I don't know how to resolve


May 12, 2020
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So I log in on and off to the game depending on how busy (or not busy) I am throughout the whole year. Maybe about a week ago or so I tried to log on only to be met with the message "This account is locked. Further inquiries about this matter should be directed to Support." I opened up a ticket about it to support and this was the response:

"Your account is not locked, you were attempting to connect using banned computer credentials, this can occur if you are using a VPN, loopback adapter or otherwise spoofing your computers unique identifiers.

Unfortunately we cannot specify further actions that you can take to resolve this."

I am confused about why or how this is happening as I was able to log on just fine prior to my recent 'off' period for the game. As far as I know, none of the possible reasons the response mentioned seem to be my case unless there is something else that I am not understanding right. I have had the account since 2016 and I think this is the first time this happened.
Check what software you have installed on your computer. Also processes running in the background. There must be some type of software that they don't like. Did you change using a browser recently? does your browser have a built in vpn?
Can you log in through entropia universe webpage ? And check item-list if any items are missing ? Someone could have hacked your account and used VPN. Maybe ask support what was IP location of your previous login.
Odd! Did you give password or any fishy sites ?
I have never heard of you or seen in global chat so what is your profession ingame?

(Or I just haven't seen is good possibility from your start date)
I can log in to the webpage and after checking my items, none of them seem to be missing or anything. I don't think there were any major changes in software and all besides a couple of updates to google chrome, steam, discord, and windows, and some steam games. Also, is it really possible to request IP address of logins from support?
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A friend got locked out like this when he used his phone as a hotspot cause his regular internet was down.
What we guess happened was his cellphone provider used the same IPv4 address for almost all their customers and that set off some temp lock thing.
Another one got locked out cause he put a weight on his keyboard to open boxes and spammed the game with login attempts and got locked out cause of that.
Wierd part is if you contact them they will say your not banned.
I guess "locked out" or "banned" are two diffrent things.
Might not apply in your case.

As for IP's... MA is not really GDPR compliant so asking for the data they keep on you might not work.
MA is just "GDPR compliant when it suits them"... no one has reported them for it yet i think which is why they only follow the rules that are convenient... so forget about getting a copy of your customer data per request.
I did a compliance test back in 2022 and they left that ticket open for a year after they said they would get back to me and then closed in early 2023 without doing so.
GDPR and asking for something specific are two different things.

Best way to find out if they can tell you ip address of logins is to ask them. Also if they can't tell you then request if they can tell you things like if there was a different ip address from yours...