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Apr 22, 2011
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Rowan Ra Zamora
This is a list of active shops on Calypso. (My definition of active is that they have items, and that those items are actually for sale).

In this list, it is only possible to give a general idea of inventory. For more specifics, the shop threads are linked below (if they exist).

Links may be (probably are) non-functional and/or misleading for now

Specific Inventory
- Dr.D.C.'s sticky thread contains links to EntropiaBay entries for specific items in some of the shops, updated cyclically.

- [Sort of true - need to fix.] The shop number links lead to the shop's entry in Entropedia.

Modify/Add Entry
If you own one of these shops and would like the entry modified (to add a store name, for example), please let me know.

If I have missed your shop, either leave a post or PM me the location, name (optional), and a short description of the inventory.

List of shop owners (outdated).

Amps (finder,weapon:levels)
Deeds(apartment,estate,hangar,pet,shop): Deeds(a,e,h,p,s)
SI (empty,full): SI(e,f)
Tools (mining,healing,vehicle,coloring,texturing): (m,h,v,c,t)
Weaponry(ranged,melee,explosive,vehicle): Weaponry(r,m,e,v)

LocationLast Updated
Omegaton a,e8/14/14
Omegaton d8/14/14
Emerald Lakes8/16/14
Deer Mall8/18/14 (one shop as of 9/13/14)
CCMP, Chateau7/25/14
Twin Peaks7/27/14

Calypso Satellite Shops

Crystal Palace

#27.PointEnhancers(mining), Tools(mining, repair), VehiclesThread Site
#45Beast ShopMain: Mining(Range enh., Finders, Ziplex), Weapons(Herman ASI,CAP, Breer, Eco enh(I-III)), Misc: port TT units, RK, Wire, Thrusters. Basement: Ark furniture

Kristin'sRare Female Clothes (display, for sale for the right price)Cthulhu Towers 4J
Calypso Planet Shops

Cape Corinth Marketplace
11:-5/10Amps(f:2), Weaponry(r,), Misc
12:-10/10Decorations, Deed(compet), Furniture, MF, Misc
14:-10/10Tools(h), Weaponry(r,)
15:-9/10Fireworks, Winery Crystal
17:-10/10Amps(w:B101,A203), AUD, Weaponry(r,beginner)
18:-48/70Components(crafted), Decorations, Weaponry(r,m)
Chateau Liberte Marketplace
1:-3/10Decorations, Urn
2:-7/10Clothes(T,C), Weaponry(r,)
4:-9/10Amps(w:b101), Weaponry(r,), Misc
SKs:-27/40Armor, Explosives, MF, Weaponry(r,)

Deer Mall
Floor 1
1.1:New Oxford Maximal Supply Co.141/185Amps(w:Tac10), Animal oils, Armor, Decorations, Explosives, MF(chips,implants), RK-5, Tools(h), Weaponry(r,m), Misc
1.3:Lady Lustreal's Emporium *Consignment*105/110Armor, Clothes, Components(looted,crafted), Paint, Textures, Tools(m), Weaponry(r,), Misc
1.4:-130/160Animal oils, AUD, Beauty supplies, BPs(I-IV), Components(looted), Crafting residue, Makeup, MF(chips), Tools(m), Weaponry(r,m,e), Misc
1.5:-60/115BPs(I,II), Displays, Extractors, Skins, Paint, Pictures, Textures
1.6:Pal's19/55Clothes(T,C), Misc
1.7:Farstar Fashion??/??Clothes(T,C)
1.8:-52/110BPs(I,III), Components(crafted), Foot Guards, Hair Stylist Chair, Ore, Weaponry(r,m), Misc
1.9:ManBearPig's55/55Armor, Body Sculpt Unit, BPs(I,III-VI,VIII,X,XII), Decorations, SI(carpentry), Tools(m), Misc
1.10:-66/75Armor, BPs(I-IV,VI), Tools(m), Vehicles, Weaponry(r,m,v), Misc
1.11:Antonio's Photography100/110Pictures, Sjoeblom Crystal
Floor 2
2.1:TusaLusa Shop52/55Armor, MF(chips), Tools(h), Weaponry(r,m)
2.2:-5/110Armor, Ore
2.4:Delta Force Unity Shop53/160Amps(w:A106), Clothes, Decorations, Furniture, Lights, Weaponry(r,)
2.5:Dessy's Furniture & Much More110/110Armor, BPs(NI), Decorations, Furniture, Materials(NI), Weaponry(r,m)
2.6:Dekan's48/55Components, Textures, Misc
2.7:Dead Mans Plunder48/55Animal Parts, BPs(I-IV), Decorations
2.8:Dessy's Clothing110/110Clothes(T,C,plain), Masks(full), Vehicles(T,C)
2.9:Cat's Home Furniture100/110Ark Keys, Armor, Decorations, Furniture, MF(chips), Tools(m), Urns, Weaponry(r,m)
2.1:CrutchCo Cloth & Craft55/55Armor, Clothes(T,C), Decorations, Weaponry(r,m,v,e), Misc
2.11:Cat's 2 Holiday and Decoration shop49/55Decorations, Holiday Gifts, Misc
2.12:Smith Store28/110Decorations, VS

Emerald Lakes
Floor 1
1.1L:Zombie Armaments & Supplies214/310Carpets(C,T), Clothes(T,C), Vehicles(T,C)
1.2S:Peanut's Bazaar116/125Amps(f:3,4,terra, W:XR40,50,55,Rage5), Armor, Enhancers(acc,defense), Tools(h), Weaponry(r,m,v,Toulan), Misc
1.3S:Anyzteoz Shop5/125Misc
1.4L:GloryHound Thoughts & Shots143/310Amps(Rapper,ACC), MF(chips,implants), Weaponry(r,m), Misc
1.5L:-145/315Armor, Tools(h), Weaponry(r,), Misc
1.7S:Lady Lustreal's Emporium4/125Decorations
1.8S:Lady Lustreal's Emporium111/125Armor, BPs(I-IV), Clothes(T,C), Components, Decorations, Emeralds, Paint, Textures, Misc
1.13S:Enhancer Shop119/125Enhancers(A:defense, F:depth,range, M:heal, W:acc,dmg,eco)
1.14L:Summer's Fashion Designs280/330Clothes(T,C)
Floor 2
2.1L:-247/320Beauty Supplies, Boards, BPs(I-XI), Paint, Textures, Tools(m), Misc
2.3S:The Supply Line60/125Animal Oils, Armor, Components(looted), Decorations, Pictures, Weaponry(r,)
2.4L:Celia's Salon148/310Animal Parts, BPs(I-V,VIII,IX), Clothes(T,C), Makeup, MF(chips), Paint, Textures, Tools(m), Weaponry(r,m)
2.5L:-139/315Components(looted), Extractors, Misc
2.7S:Zombie Armaments & Supplies55/125Armor, Refiners, Tools(h), Weaponry(r,m), Misc
2.11L:LeeLoo's Corner288/310Clothes(C,T), Enmatter, MF(chips), Ore, Paint, Textures, Weaponry(r,m,e)
2.12S:KRMY32/125Amps(w:A104), Armor, Tier components
2.13S:70's Shop106/125Amps(w), Armor, Armor Plate, CLD, MF(chips), Refiners, Tools(h,m), Weaponry(r,m)
2.14L:Bigdaddy's100/310Armor, Clothes, Decorations, Refiners
Floor 3

Genesis Amethera Headquarters
Tower B
1:L'enclave7/11Beauty Services, Enmatter
7:-7/10Armor, Deeds(foma), Tools(h), Misc
A.2:-72/85Armor, MF, Tools(h), Weaponry(r,m,e), Misc
A.4:-31/60Clothes(T,C), Decorations, Furniture(C,)
A.5:-32/85Clothes(T,C), Decorations, Furniture, RK-20, Misc
A.6:-24/60Armor, MF, Tools(h), Misc
B.1:Gunrod's Store19/60Decorations, Ore, Misc
B.4:-20/60Animal Parts, Components(loot), Misc
C.2:Sol's Little Shop of Horrors19/85Decorations, Displays, Furniture
C.4:-28/60Clothes, Deeds(pet)
C.5:-35/85BPs(wire), Welding Wire
Apt 5E:Armors by Auktuma119/120Armor(crafted)
Apt 7B:Armor Plate by Auktuma?105/120Armor, Armor Plating
Tower D
B1:Dessy's Clothing110/120Clothes(T,C), Vehicles(T,C)
10E:The Valiant Little Tailor119/120Clothes(T,C,Plain)

Land Area Booths (8/3/12)
Nea's: Universal Imports (TT+1)Armor, Mining Equipment, Weaponry, Misc.

Floor 1
1.1S:ManBearPig's Cheap Amps and Enhancers38/40Enhancers(weapon:eco,acc,rng,)(finder:depth)
1.2S:Lady Lustreal's Emporium22/40Armor, Misc
1.3L:-38/100Clothes(T,C), Enhancers(medical eco), Texture enhancers, VS, Weaponry(r,), Misc
1.5S:Project Society39/40MF, Weaponry(r,m)
Floor 2
2.4L:-50/100Amps(w), Armor, Scopes, Weaponry(r)
Floor 3
3.2S:-40/40BPs(I-V), MF, RK-5, Misc
3.6S:Sandman's Sundries40/40Amps(XR70), Enhancers(medical eco, weap dmg), Sights, Tools(h), Weaponry(r,e), Misc
Floor 4

Omegaton West Habitat
Tower Alpha
3:-10/10Clothes(C,), Tools(h), Weaponry(r,m,e)
5:Greadon's Shop7/11Clothes(C,T), Misc
7:The Armoury7/10Herman ARK-0 (L)
8:-3/10Ore, Misc
Tower Beta
Tower Gamma
35B:--/-RK-5, Tools(m), Misc
Tower Delta
1:-1/10EMT Kit BP (III)
3:-10/10Armor(Pixie,M), Holiday Hat, Weaponry(r,)
4:-9/10Clothes, Misc
A.4:SirEmi's Arkadia Shop60/-inactive
A.5:The Habitat Bargain Bin105/105Armor, Clothes, MF(chips,implants), Tools(h,m), Vehicle parts, Weaponry(r,m),Misc
B.1:Lady Lustreal's Emporium36/60Animal Parts, Armor, BPs(I,II), Clothes(C,T), Decorations, Misc
B.5:Groth's Fine and Happy Place to Shop45/85Armor, Crafted Components, Misc
C.1:Rock's Gazz Station49/60Artistic Representations, MF(chips), Ore, Weaponry(m), Misc
C.3:-9/60BPs(I), Clothes(C,), Snable Skin, Trippy Texture
C.5:Rocktropia Outlet44/85BPs(II-V), Cheap A$$ items, Tools(m), Vixen gears
C.6:-6/60Amps(F:2,Athena), Time Crystals, Tools(m), Weaponry(r,m)
Tower Epsilon
3:Page's Shop8/10Armor, BPs(I), RK-5, Tools(h), Weaponry(m), Misc
4:-10/10Animal Oils, Armor, Explosives, Misc
5:-10/10Armor, RK-5, Weaponry(r,v)
6:-8/10BPs(I-II), Coloring equipment, Ore
7:-7/10Tools(h), Misc
9:-1/10Mai Tai
10:Fred Zed Gerard's Booth9/10Clothes,Weaponry(r,)
11:-0/10Evil Skull Facemask (M)
12:-10/10Masks, Tools(h), Weaponry(r,), Misc

Port Atlantis
Floor 1
1.1L:-63/110Armor, Boxes, Clothes(T,C), Eyeballs, Weaponry(r,m), Misc
1.2S:Welding Wire Shops105/105BPs(weapon, I-VIII), Enmatter, Vases, Wire
1.3S:Emma's Shop59/65Clothes(T,C,Rare), Textures
1.4L:-109/110Armor, BPs(comp,I-V), Clothes, Tools(m), Weaponry(r,e), Misc
1.5L:SZ105/130Amps(BLP), Animal parts, Armor, Aurli parts, Beauty, Extractors, Makeup, MF, Paint, Textures, Weaponry(m)
1.7S:Mr & Mrs Stevens Outlet Centre43/45Armor, BAMF(zk6), Clothes, Explosives, MF, Tools(h), Weaponry(r,)
1.10L:Southern Fortress152/175Armor, Armor, More Armor
1.11L:The Stevens' Family Store73/110Armor, BPs(misc,I-III), Explosives, Tools(h), Weaponry(r,m)
1.13S:[something] Monster Hunting35/105Armor, MF, Tools(h)
Floor 2
2.1L:Deep Space Supplies103/110Amps(Laser), BPs(misc,III,V,XI), Clothes, Decorations, Furniture, Weaponry(r,)
2.2S:-45/45Armor, BPs(misc,I-IV), Clothes(T,C), Makeup, Tools(h), Weaponry(r,), Misc
2.3S:[url][/url]33/45Armor, Cyrene Collectibles, Weaponry(r,), Misc
2.4L:-88/110Armor, Decorations, ESI, Extractors, Hides, MF, Weaponry(r,), Misc
2.8S:Nekolution.com45/45Components, Extractors, Mob oils, Paint, Robot drops
2.10L:Sarah's TT+1 Shop118/155Armor, BPs(misc,II,III,V,VII), Clothes, Crafted components, Decorations, DNA(Argo), Robot(vixen) parts, Tools(h), Weaponry(r,)
2.11L:-80/110Armor, Armor Plates, Weaponry(r,m,e)
2.13S:-44/45Armor, BPs(misc,I-III), Clothes, Decorations, Duchev Log, Weaponry(r,), Wire
2.14L:-32/130Amps(mining), Ore, Treasure, Vases, Weaponry(r,)
Floor 3
3.1L:Bunnygirlz Fashion106/110Clothes(T,C)
3.2S:Baron's Little Bit of Everything38/45Components(craft, loot), Makeup, Paint, Misc
3.3S:Bunny Invest105/105BPs(IV,V,X), CLD, Clothes(T,C), Containers, Deed(shop,FOMA), DNA(argo), SI
3.4L:Bunnygirlz Fashion109/110Clothes(T,C)
3.5L:-29/110Amps(laser), Armor, Enhancers, Weaponry(r,)
3.7S:Leon's Classy Fashions44/45Clothes(T,C)
3.8S:Rabbids30/45Clothes(T,C), MF
3.10L:-113/115Armor, MF, Tools(h), Weaponry(r,m,e)
3.14L:Auktuma's90/110Amps(BLP,Laser,mining), Beauty Supplies, BPs(VIII-XII,XIV), Clothes, Furniture, RK-20, Tools(h,m), Weaponry(r,m,e), Wire

Koufuku Tower
A.1:Jo's16/50BPs(I-IV), Decorations, Weaponry(r,)
A.2:70's Sakura Shop57/75Animal Oils, BPs(I,II), Components(looted,crafted), Skins, Tools(m,h), Misc
A.3:-6/50MF, Scanners, T104
Yuujou Tower
A.2:-54/75Armor, BPs(I-V), Signs
A.3:-71/75Amps(w:bull20, bull40, shearXR50), Bear Gloves(L), Chromataphore Mk,I Face Guards (L)

Treasure Island
Platinum Tower
A.1:-10/60Leather, Textures, Tools(h)
A.2:Lady Lustreal's Emporium50/85Amps(f:3), Armor, BPs(I-IV), Clothes(T,C), Components(looted), Tools(h), Misc
A.4:FeelGood's Bargain Bin31/60Armor, Clothes(C,), Misc
A.5:The Furniture Shop83/85Decorations, Displays, Furniture
B.3:-35/60BAMF(ZK1,ZK2), Jungle Caps, MF, Trailblazer Boots, Weaponry(r,), Misc
B.5:The Drow Shop11/85One RE-101
C.5:LeeLoo Mountain's Beauty Workshop35/85Armor, Enhancers(armor:def, medical:eco,heal, weapon:eco), Weaponry(r,), Misc
C.6:-14/60Armor, MF Implant, Weaponry(r,)

Twin Peaks
Floor 1
1.1L:Hot Stuff Fashion130/160Beauty supplies, BPs(masks), Clothes(C,T), Decorations, Furniture, Masks, Signs, Textures, Tools(h), Wire, Misc
1.2S:Shop #259/65BPs(I,IX,X), Components(crafted), Hoverpods, Weaponry(r,), Wire
1.4L:Entropia Artworks143/200Armor, Custom Art, Decorations, Deeds(various), Furniture, Tools(m), Vehicles, Weaponry(r,m,e), Misc
1.7S:Mr. Incredible's Discount Ore Warehouse10/65Ore
1.8S:-31/65Foot Guards (F) (unlimited)
1.11L:Entropia Top Tamer146/160Armor, Deeds (Pet)
1.12S:Swag Inc.103/125AUD, CLD, Enhancers(depth), Enmatter, Explosives, Ore, Residue, Tools(m), Misc
1.13S:Divinity's Emporium52/65Armor, Deeds, MF, Weaponry(r,m)
1.14L:Buzz Lightyear's Hunting Shop-/94"Amps(w), Clothes, Crystals, Decorations, Enhancers(eco
Floor 2
2.1L:Dark Zunami Angel159/160Beauty Services, Beauty Supplies, BPs(VII-XI), Clothes(T,C), Misc
2.2S:EL Credits Shop42/65EL Credits
2.4L:Freyr's Fashion109/160Clothes (T,C)
2.5L:Thiti's Shop94/160Deeds(s), Enhancers(rng,dmg), Tools(h), Weaponry(r,)
2.7S:Enhancer Shop64/65Enhancers(I-X)
2.10L:Rapid Pet Store164/165Armor, Components(looted), Decorations, Deeds(Pet), Extractors, MF, Paint, Weaponry(r,m,e), Whip, Misc
2.11L:Tiny Shop107/160Armor, Armor Plate, MF, Ore, Treasure, Weaponry(r,e)
2.12S:-59/65Armor, BPs(V,VIII), Clothes, Decorations, Laser sights, Weaponry(r,m)
2.14L:Buzz Lightyear's Mining Shop164/180Cltohes, Crystals, Enhancers(rng,depth), Furniture, MS parts, RK-20, Signs, Tools(m), Wire *Crafted*
Floor 3
3.1L:Shadow Theunicate Soul & Krukanan Krukan Mertanen's Mining & Hunting shop50/160Amps(f:7,w:XR80,XR90), Armor, ESI, MF, Tools(m), Weaponry(r,)
3.2S:-38/65Armor, BPs(I-III), Components(crafted), Decorations, Weaponry(r,m,e)
3.4L:-153/160Armor, Boxes(T,C), Clothes(T,C), Decorations, Furniture, Paintings, Urns, Weaponry(m)
3.5L:-42/160Decorations, Diplomas
3.8S:Blu's Shop33/65Amps(w:B10,B20,XR55), Armor, Explosives, Weaponry(r,)
3.10L:Angel's Combat Boutique162/165Diplomas, MF, Tools(h)
3.11L:Forgo's Shop159/160Armor, Armor plate, BPs(I-IX), Clothes(T,C), Decorations, Enhancers(dmg), MF, Nanobots, Tools(h), Weaponry(r,m,e), Misc
3.12S:Freaks of Nature Inc.54/65Animal Oils, Armor, Components(robot), Skins, Misc
3.13S:Mining Amps & Equipment33/65Amps(f:3,7,12)
3.14L:Buzz Lightyear's Protection Shop161/200Armor, Armor Plating, BPs(phantom,VII), Enhancers(IV), , Tools(h) *Crafted*
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I'm glad it helped!

As with the first attempt at this, if there are suggestions for locations I've missed or clarifications on what I do have, please let me know.
Rufus' TT Shop

I will try to keep most of the items at TT+1 ped but I know it will not all be that low. The shop is at the Genesis Amethera, Building B, Block C, Shop #5, stop by and let me know what you think.
Just added T101 finder and lvl 2 amp, a few T10, T15, and T20
Thanks for the info! I've updated the entry for your shop. Is it still for sale, or should I remove that note?
mine is still up and running emerald mall, level 2, shop 3 : the supply line.

i've stick to looted misc. when stacks get big enough to sell, they are available.

the pictures are for sale indeed :)
Updated Genesis Towers and Nea's Place.
Added Atum and Echidna. Updated Twin Peaks.
Added OLA 53, updated Medusa.
Added OLA 49 and a few shop links.
Added Rogue East, Echidna North, and more links.
Updated Emerald Lakes and added more links. I think I've gotten all of the more updated threads, but if I missed any, please let me know.
it looks like you have done your homework! +rep

you even allready got the link to my thread! wow!
it looks like you have done your homework! +rep

I'm glad it looks that way ;). This has actually been an excellent way to find all those random little places I never knew about. And seriously, there are shopkeepers everywhere!

LeeLoo Faith said:
you even allready got the link to my thread! wow!

For sure - you have a very colorful shop :). All the more active threads were easy to get - on some of the older ones, it's hard to tell what's still valid.

On that note, will all shop owners who read this check and make sure that I linked to the correct thread? Some shops have both a general thread and a specific item thread, so I may have used the wrong one.
Oops sorry shop is up and running and for sale for the right price
Oops sorry shop is up and running and for sale for the right price

Thanks! Didn't realize (or even really think about) the fact that you probably wouldn't see that. I just recently learned that you have to quote for that (duh).
Updated Omegaton, added links.
Added Corinth Beach, OLA 11.
Good work. Saves a lot of time for me.
I was asking myself lately why no one made that list... and then bump... saw the thread :)

Good work. Saves a lot of time for me.
I was asking myself lately why no one made that list... and then bump... saw the thread :)


Glad it helped :) I'd like to see shops become more commonly used.

Also, updated PA.
Updated Corinth Marketplace. Added first detailed inventory links - PA F3,S14
Updated Sakura. *New shop: Koufuku A3. Decorations and furniture.*

Also, added a link in the first post to a published gdoc with shop inventories, including a random item from each shop when I update a location.
Updated GAHQ. *New shop - Building B, C2: Armor, Furniture, Animal Parts, Components, MF, Decorations, Makeup* An item from each shop has been added here.
Updated Twin Peaks. *New shop?: Floor 1, Shop 7. Finders, BPs (I,II,V)* Added new items to inventory.
nice list. Good initiative.
nice list. Good initiative.

Thanks :) I'm glad to see it's actually useful.

On that note, are people actually using any/all of the specific inventories? If so, on the spreadsheet of random shop items, are there any types of items shoppers would prefer to have added (due to high demand, rarity, etc)?
Updated Medusa, added items to spreadsheet.