FYI: Addz has made the best stream ever.

We're doing it again guys, tune in for the dankest EU stream going around

Some migration some prots, some somethingelse who knows
It's Wednesday my dudes and that means it is time to attack the second half of the week. Lets get it done. :sniper:
The Best EU Stream coming at you once again. Don't miss out King Addz
It's happening again ladies and gents. Come Join the fun.
Its Wednesday my dudes, that means it's time once again for the best stream in the universe.

Just thought you should know its happening again.
It's that time. To Arms!
That frame format of urs makes it very hard to watch, cant make out any loot or text at all :-/
I agree with this thread's title :D

Maybe like pechunter said, try fiddling with the frames, cause it feels too closed in somehow
Keep it up!
Thanks for the feedback guys,

There were a couple of people who mentioned it for the first time last night. I spent a couple of hours today minimizing the external border and maximising the size of the entropia capture space while still maintaining some of the look and feel of the layout i was going for. Hopefully it makes it easier to see everything next stream while still allowing it to stand out a little.
Will definetly check it out! I really enjoy your stream elseways, very interactive with the viewers and high end content :)
New Day, New Stream, New Layout.
TO ARMS! Lets do this ;)
you should check out the streaming. works along with twitch and incent AND you get Fuel, Theta and AUD ( ) from followers and viewers. I see no EU users on it yet!!
Interesting I will have to check that out. In the meantime Lets do this.... again!
New night, bonus stream. Lets get it done. TO ARMS!
New day new stream.... not on a wednesday??? TO ARMS!
New Codex Theorycrafting and summer mayhem discussion. We are live now. TO ARMS!
It's my B'day but you guys are getting all the presents. Tune in tonight for a free hunt for our viewers as well as our usual giveaways, sweat buy and more.


Felling cute might even cyberpunk later idk
It's mayhem time baby. TO ARMS!
One last time to finish out this great mayhem. TO ARMS!
Today I learned that doggo does not like eardrops. But at least the greatest stream in entropia is now live :)
It's wednesday ladies and gentlemen, that means it is time one again for the greatest stream in the universe. To arms!
Big game hunting once more. Come join our army :)