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Feb 10, 2010
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Bolivar diGriz
Looking to buy an apartment on Calypso, the cheaper the better :)

I see you have an interest in purchasing an apartment on Calypso. This is an excellent choice, but I would urge you to look at FOMA properties

Why consider FOMA apartments?

1) Incredible value (best value in-game of any apartments).
2) Historic district; Living on FOMA means you will learn of all its secret places. Things hidden that people have forgotten about.
3) Best views in-game. I recommend Beta complex.
4) Close to excellent shopping.
5) Close to the biodomes for all your mining wants and needs.
6) Easy access to the rest of Entropia's space lanes. FOMA allows you access to all of Entropia!

I have been extremely pleased with my apartment layout and all the amenities offered. Maybe visit FOMA, and check out some public apartments. See what you think.
I am glad you are considering FOMA Bolivar :) I replied to your message. Feel free to contact me in-game w/ questions regarding FOMAs
incredible housing options.

If anyone else is ready to take their first steps towards Entropia home ownership, but you don't really know where to start?
Feel free to contact me via PM or in-game, and I will help you find the FOMA apartment of your dreams.

FOMA offers affordable, yet flexible options, that makes Entropia housing available to all. In the Caly auction house,
simply search for "Alpha" or "Beta" in the deeds section. This will show you a variety of options and price categories.
I recommend potential buyers to visit public apartments in both complexes to get a sense of the place and before buying.

Did you purchase your FOMA deed and don't know what to do next? Feel free to contact me and I will help you claim your FOMA apartment.

FOMA; Limitless Style, Unreal Service & Crazy Fun!
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