Selling: Arkadia blueprints (Incl terra amp/master, bullseye, longreach)


Aug 30, 2005
The Netherlands
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My recent purchase of a claw 6 FEN means I don't have enough time left to craft as much as i'd want to so i'll start with selling my ark blueprints + some rare caly ones in a different thread, some very profitable ones in here!

Some blueprints worth noting:
Ark key 9
Terramaster 4 & 6
Bullseye 8
Longreach 4
Terra amp 1-10

Prefer to sell per category, it's hard to price blueprints so just taking offers for now. If you offer enough, the blueprint is yours :)

Arkadian Key 1 Blueprint10.05
Arkadian Key 1 Blueprint10.01
Arkadian Key 2 Blueprint10.01
Arkadian Key 3 Blueprint10.01
Arkadian Key 4 Blueprint10.06
Arkadian Key 5 Blueprint10.02
Arkadian Key 6 Blueprint10.02
Arkadian Key 7 Blueprint10.02
Arkadian Key 9 Blueprint10.06
GYRO Combat FAP-14 (L) Blueprint10.01
GYRO Combat FAP-18 (L) Blueprint10.01
GYRO Combat FAP-2 (L) Blueprint10.02
GYRO Combat FAP-30 (L) Blueprint10.01
GYRO Combat FAP-6 (L) Blueprint10.01
GYRO FAP-10 (L) Blueprint10.06
GYRO FAP-14 (L) Blueprint10.02
GYRO FAP-18 (L) Blueprint10.09
GYRO FAP-2 (L) Blueprint10.91
GYRO FAP-26 (L) Blueprint10.05
GYRO FAP-30 (L) Blueprint10.05
GYRO FAP-35 (L) Blueprint10.07
GYRO FAP-50 (L) Blueprint10.01
GYRO FAP-6 (L) Blueprint10.01
TerraMaster 1 (L) Blueprint10.03
TerraMaster 2 (L) Blueprint10.01
TerraMaster 4 (L) Blueprint10.02
TerraMaster 6 (L) Blueprint10.06

Bullseye 1 Blueprint10.01
Bullseye 1 Blueprint10.06
Bullseye 2 Blueprint10.01
Bullseye 2 Blueprint (L)630.63
Bullseye 3 Blueprint10.01
Bullseye 4 Blueprint (L)500.50
Bullseye 5 Blueprint10.06
Bullseye 6 Blueprint10.01
Bullseye 7 Blueprint10.01
Bullseye 8 Blueprint10.01
Headshot 1 Blueprint10.04
Headshot 3 Blueprint10.02
Hotfoot 10 (L) Blueprint10.09
Hotfoot 15 (L) Blueprint10.08
Hotfoot 20 (L) Blueprint10.02
Hotfoot 25 (L) Blueprint10.01
Hotfoot 30 (L) Blueprint10.01
Hotfoot 35 (L) Blueprint10.01
Hotfoot 40 (L) Blueprint10.01
Hotfoot 45 (L) Blueprint10.01
Hotfoot 5 (L) Blueprint10.04
Hotfoot 50 (L) Blueprint10.01
Longreach 2 Blueprint10.01
Longreach 3 Blueprint10.01
Longreach 4 Blueprint10.12
Rage 10 (L) Blueprint10.01
Rage 15 (L) Blueprint10.01
Rage 20 (L) Blueprint10.01
Rage 25 (L) Blueprint10.01
Rage 30 (L) Blueprint10.01
Rage 35 (L) Blueprint10.01
Rage 40 (L) Blueprint10.01
Rage 45 (L) Blueprint10.01
Rage 5 (L) Blueprint10.01
Rage 50 (L) Blueprint10.01
Terra Amp 1 (L) Blueprint10.33
Terra Amp 10 (L) Blueprint10.05
Terra Amp 2 (L) Blueprint10.02
Terra Amp 3 (L) Blueprint10.06
Terra Amp 4 (L) Blueprint10.08
Terra Amp 5 (L) Blueprint10.05
Terra Amp 6 (L) Blueprint10.17
Terra Amp 7 (L) Blueprint10.14
Terra Amp 8 (L) Blueprint10.13
Terra Amp 9 (L) Blueprint10.02
Terra Amp I 'Athena' (L) Blueprint10.28

Ankitus Shin Guards Blueprint (L)140.14
Ankitus Thigh Guards Blueprint (L)610.61
Aquila Arm Guards (L) Blueprint10.03
Aquila Foot Guards (L) Blueprint10.02
Aquila Gloves (L) Blueprint10.02
Aquila Harness (L) Blueprint10.01
Aquila Helmet (L) Blueprint10.04
Aquila Shin Guards (L) Blueprint10.02
Aquila Thigh Guards (L) Blueprint10.02
Canis Arm Guards (L) Blueprint10.01
Canis Foot Guards (L) Blueprint10.01
Canis Harness (L) Blueprint10.03
Canis Shin Guards (L) Blueprint10.01
Canis Thigh Guards (L) Blueprint10.01
Cetus Arm Guards (L) Blueprint10.01
Cetus Foot Guards (L) Blueprint10.01
Cetus Gloves (L) Blueprint10.04
Cetus Harness (L) Blueprint10.01
Cetus Shin Guards (L) Blueprint10.01
Corvus Arm Guards (L) Blueprint10.01
Corvus Foot Guards (L) Blueprint10.02
Corvus Helmet (L) Blueprint10.02
Corvus Thigh Guards (L) Blueprint10.01
Hydra Arm Guards (L) Blueprint10.01
Hydra Foot Guards (L) Blueprint10.02
Hydra Gloves (L) Blueprint10.03
Hydra Harness (L) Blueprint10.04
Hydra Helmet (L) Blueprint10.03
Hydra Shin Guards (L) Blueprint10.02
Hydra Thigh Guards (L) Blueprint10.01
Lupus Gloves (L) Blueprint10.01
Lupus Helmet (L) Blueprint10.01
Lupus Shin Guards (L) Blueprint10.01
Lupus Thigh Guards (L) Blueprint10.01
Musca Arm Guards (L) Blueprint10.08
Musca Foot Guards (L) Blueprint10.12
Musca Gloves (L) Blueprint10.07
Musca Harness (L) Blueprint10.13
Musca Helmet (L) Blueprint10.11
Musca Shin Guards (L) Blueprint10.11
Musca Thigh Guards (L) Blueprint10.17
Pulsar Armour Plate 2 (L) Blueprint10.01

Discharge Module Blueprint10.01
Energy Chamber Blueprint10.10
Extended Bolt Carriage Blueprint10.01
Extended Breech Blueprint10.01
Feedback Coupling Blueprint10.01
Flash Suppressor Blueprint10.01
Focusing Lens Blueprint10.25
Fuel Cells Blueprint10.92
Gas Module Blueprint10.01
Gas Plug Blueprint10.24
Gimbals Blueprint10.97
Heat Shields Blueprint10.24
Insulators Blueprint10.38
Intensity Amplifier Blueprint10.33
Long Screws Blueprint10.81
O Rings Blueprint10.53
Poly-Alloy Strap Blueprint10.94
Polymer Rail Blueprint10.61
Power Regulator Blueprint10.02
Projector Housing Blueprint10.07
Propellant Supercharger Blueprint10.08
Recoil Stabiliser Blueprint10.01
Standard Magnets Blueprint10.40
Stimulation Modulator Blueprint10.07
Strong Magnets Blueprint10.33
Tension Straps Blueprint10.54
Weak Magnets Blueprint10.56
Weld filament Blueprint10.25

Allure Leather Sofa Blueprint10.01
Coffee Table (C) Blueprint10.13
Corner Retail Counter (C) Blueprint10.02
Dining Table (C) Blueprint10.01
Else Chair - Alpha Blueprint10.01
Else Light - Alpha (C) Blueprint10.01
Else Light - Alpha Blueprint10.01
Else Light - Bravo (C) Blueprint10.01
Else Light - Bravo Blueprint10.01
Else Light - Charlie (C) Blueprint10.13
Else Light - Charlie Blueprint10.01
Else Table - Alpha Blueprint10.01
Else Table - Bravo Blueprint10.01
IFN - Medical Bed Blueprint10.07
IFN - Medical Partition Blueprint10.01
IFN - Medical Vitruvian Hologram Blueprint10.01
Niko Ceiling Lamp Blueprint10.02
Niko Desk Lamp (C) Blueprint10.01
Niko Tall Lamp (C) Blueprint10.04
Oiled Arkace Boards Blueprint10.66
Oiled Corria Boards Blueprint10.02
Oiled Hekia Boards Blueprint10.25
Oiled Miluca Boards Blueprint10.78
Outdoor Dining Chair Blueprint10.06
Outdoor Dining Table Blueprint10.47
Outdoor Wicker Chair Blueprint10.01
Outdoor Wicker Couch Blueprint10.01
Outdoor Wicker Table Blueprint10.01
Party Lights Blueprint10.32
Patio Chair (C) Blueprint10.01
Polkadot Curtain Closed (C) Blueprint10.01
Polkadot Curtain Open (C) Blueprint10.01
Retail Counter 1.2 (C) Blueprint10.60
Retail Counter 1.8 (C) Blueprint10.01
Retail Counter 2.4 (C) Blueprint10.01
Retail Display Table (C) Blueprint10.01
Retail Partition High (C) Blueprint10.01
Retail Shelf (C) Blueprint10.01
Spotted Curtain Open (C) Blueprint10.01
Striped Curtain Closed (C) Blueprint10.01
Tall Corner Retail Counter (C) Blueprint10.01
Weapon Cabinet Blueprint10.01

Aarkan Texture Blueprint10.08
Arkadian Hornet Leather Texture Blueprint10.01
Banite Texture Blueprint10.03
Bokol Leather Texture Blueprint10.07
Carabok Leather Texture Blueprint10.03
Feran Leather Texture Blueprint10.01
Hadraada Leather Texture Blueprint10.01
Halix Leather Texture Blueprint10.01
Hebredite Texture Blueprint10.06
Hekia Texture Blueprint10.01
Jori Leather Texture Blueprint10.01
Kadra Leather Texture Blueprint10.07
Kaz Texture Blueprint10.06
Khorudoul Texture Blueprint10.07
Lidacon Texture Blueprint10.01
Miluca Texture Blueprint10.51
Monura Male Leather Texture Blueprint10.01
Nusul Leather Texture Blueprint10.12
Oro Leather Texture Blueprint10.08
Ospra Texture Blueprint10.03
Ostelok Leather Texture Blueprint10.01
Pandi Leather Texture Blueprint10.01
Scoria Leather Texture Blueprint10.58
Telfium Texture Blueprint10.05
Tiarak Leather Texture Blueprint10.16
Togolossi Leather Texture Blueprint10.01
Veda Texture Blueprint10.09
Vedacore Texture Blueprint10.01
Wenrex Texture Blueprint10.03
Zadul Leather Texture Blueprint10.01

Google spreadsheet for who prefers that:
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