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Apr 6, 2012
Fintropia Revolution
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Jarkko Jukanpoika Mainari
Hello all,

new year and bank cleaning time! I have not bothered to clean my bank for years, so I thought now would be good time to sell some items. I usually follow weekly MUs, but in some cases I might look the monthly and go a bit below them. But all prices are negotiable, feel free to offer, but I will not sell to lowballers :dunce:.

Feel free to post PM here, Ingame [Jarkko Jukanpoika Mainari] or discord Munkittaja#4535.

Following items are for sale:

59x Sollomate Azuro (L) with different TT (some full, some not).
23x EWE EP-2 Proton (L) with different TT (some full, some not).
14x Omegaton B101 (L) (12 full tt, 2 not full).
7x Isis LBC 1 (L) (different tt). 104%
9x Isis LBP 1 (L) (different tt). 104%
4x Isis LLC 1 (L) (different tt). 104%
8x Isis LLP 1 (L) (different tt). 104%

Advanced Leather Extractor1741.74STORAGE (Calypso)
Advanced Mineral Extractor50.05STORAGE (Calypso)
Advanced Stone Extractor1501.50STORAGE (Calypso)
Animal Essence920.92STORAGE (Calypso)
Animal Essence Rare40.04STORAGE (Calypso)
Animal Oil Residue27122271.22STORAGE (Calypso)
Aqeeq Stone20.04STORAGE (Calypso)
Atrax Claw30.30STORAGE (Calypso)
Atrox Bone10.05STORAGE (Calypso)
Atrox Fang10.02STORAGE (Calypso)
Banite Ingot11226.88STORAGE (Calypso)
Basic Auxiliary Socket8627117.32STORAGE (Calypso)
Basic Bearings141056.40STORAGE (Calypso)
Basic Cloth Extractor1751.75STORAGE (Calypso)
Basic Coil180554.15STORAGE (Calypso)
Basic Gem Extractor510.51STORAGE (Calypso)
Basic Leather Extractor230.23STORAGE (Calypso)
Basic Mineral Extractor2442.44STORAGE (Calypso)
Basic Stone Extractor4114.11STORAGE (Calypso)
Basic Strategic Combat Processor10.04STORAGE (Calypso)
Basic Target Assessment Unit180.36STORAGE (Calypso)
Basic Wood Extractor6336.33STORAGE (Calypso)
Berycled Trophy100.10STORAGE (Calypso)
Bismuth Fragment10.20STORAGE (Calypso)
Bismuth Plating1810.80STORAGE (Calypso)
Bodai Filler20.80STORAGE (Calypso)
Caudatergus Trophy370.37STORAGE (Calypso)
Chikara Oni-Ni (L)113.40STORAGE (Calypso)
Cornundacauda Horn10.04STORAGE (Calypso)
Corrosive Attack Nanochip 1 (L)16.34STORAGE (Calypso)
Creature Control Candy - The Big Pumpkin51.00STORAGE (Calypso)
Diluted Cloth Extractor1371.37STORAGE (Calypso)
Diluted Mineral Extractor3403.40STORAGE (Calypso)
Edres Resin20.26STORAGE (Calypso)
Edres Varnish389101.14STORAGE (Calypso)
Electric Attack Nanochip 6 (L)121.73STORAGE (Calypso)
Electronic Stabilizing Component10721.40STORAGE (Calypso)
Enhanced Mineral Extractor30.03STORAGE (Calypso)
Fairuz Ingot16024.00STORAGE (Calypso)
Fairuz Stone26713.35STORAGE (Calypso)
Fire Root Globule10.30STORAGE (Calypso)
Focus Lens Component204.00STORAGE (Calypso)
Force Nexus57109571.09STORAGE (Calypso)
Frakite Ingot54.50STORAGE (Calypso)
Frakite Stone20.60STORAGE (Calypso)
Goblin Foot Guards (M)13.33STORAGE (Calypso)
Goblin Gloves (M)13.38STORAGE (Calypso)
Goblin Thigh Guards (M)15.86STORAGE (Calypso)
Gremlin Shin Guards (M)15.56STORAGE (Calypso)
Hair Gel222.86STORAGE (Calypso)
Hardening Nano Adjuster A0211.00STORAGE (Calypso)
Hareer Thread61.44STORAGE (Calypso)
Hebredite Ingot1914.25STORAGE (Calypso)
Hebredite Stones9323.25STORAGE (Calypso)
High Speed Control Component25125.10STORAGE (Calypso)
Inferior Cloth Extractor229122.91STORAGE (Calypso)
Infrasound Amplifier Component73.50STORAGE (Calypso)
Infrasound Emitter Component228.80STORAGE (Calypso)
Isis BL300E (L)121.11STORAGE (Calypso)
Isis LLP 3 (L)114.00STORAGE (Calypso)
Isis LLP 3 (L)114.00STORAGE (Calypso)
Isis LSB 4 (L)141.50STORAGE (Calypso)
Kinetic Attack Nanochip 1 (L)13.90STORAGE (Calypso)
Kinetic Attack Nanochip 2 (L)111.56STORAGE (Calypso)
Kobold Gloves (M)15.42STORAGE (Calypso)
Kobold Thigh Guards (F)11.48STORAGE (Calypso)
Lacerating Attack Nanochip 1 (L)15.50STORAGE (Calypso)
Lacerating Attack Nanochip 3 (L)112.00STORAGE (Calypso)
Langotz Ingot616.20STORAGE (Calypso)
Langotz Ore32.70STORAGE (Calypso)
Light Liquid4436.96STORAGE (Calypso)
Longu Claw10.01STORAGE (Calypso)
Lotium Gel1911.40STORAGE (Calypso)
Lulu Stone52863.36STORAGE (Calypso)
Lulu pearl6924.84STORAGE (Calypso)
Maladrite Stone20.08STORAGE (Calypso)
Mamnoon27722.16STORAGE (Calypso)
Mamnoon Mist19330.88STORAGE (Calypso)
Maro Ingot6533.80STORAGE (Calypso)
Maro Stone20426.52STORAGE (Calypso)
Material Efficiency Component8542.50STORAGE (Calypso)
Midastree Board30.63STORAGE (Calypso)
Molisk Tooth341134.11STORAGE (Calypso)
Nawa Fragment110.11STORAGE (Calypso)
Nawa Vial125825.16STORAGE (Calypso)
Neomex Slime70.70STORAGE (Calypso)
Nutrio Bar881788.17STORAGE (Calypso)
Ospra Ingot175401052.40STORAGE (Calypso)
Ospra Stones531.06STORAGE (Calypso)
Output Amplifier Component3413.60STORAGE (Calypso)
Paint Can (Blue)51425.70STORAGE (Calypso)
Paint Can (Green)20314.21STORAGE (Calypso)
Paint Can (Navy)838.30STORAGE (Calypso)
Paint Can (Olive)21510.75STORAGE (Calypso)
Paint Can (Orange)9809.80STORAGE (Calypso)
Pixie Arm Guards (F)10.66STORAGE (Calypso)
Pixie Arm Guards (F)10.79STORAGE (Calypso)
Pixie Arm Guards (M)11.92STORAGE (Calypso)
Pixie Arm Guards (M)10.41STORAGE (Calypso)
Pixie Face Guard (F)10.42STORAGE (Calypso)
Pixie Face Guard (M)11.29STORAGE (Calypso)
Pixie Face Guard (M)10.81STORAGE (Calypso)
Pixie Shin Guards (M)11.78STORAGE (Calypso)
Pixie Thigh Guards (F)10.22STORAGE (Calypso)
Pixie Thigh Guards (M)10.16STORAGE (Calypso)
Pixie Thigh Guards (M)10.12STORAGE (Calypso)
Qasdeer Ingot64.50STORAGE (Calypso)
Qasdeer Stone11829.50STORAGE (Calypso)
Qaz Worm1056.30STORAGE (Calypso)
Rationalizer Component10030.00STORAGE (Calypso)
Regeneration Chip 1 (L)17.00STORAGE (Calypso)
Regeneration Chip 1 (L)17.00STORAGE (Calypso)
Regeneration Chip 1 (L)17.00STORAGE (Calypso)
Regeneration Chip 1 (L)17.00STORAGE (Calypso)
Regeneration Chip 1 (L)17.00STORAGE (Calypso)
Regeneration Chip 4 (L)113.12STORAGE (Calypso)
Regeneration Chip 5 (L)120.50STORAGE (Calypso)
Regeneration Chip 5 (L)117.49STORAGE (Calypso)
Regeneration Chip 5 (L)110.48STORAGE (Calypso)
Robot Buffers3526.95STORAGE (Calypso)
Robot Filter196570.74STORAGE (Calypso)
Robot Heat Sinks70.56STORAGE (Calypso)
Robot Optical Lens7667.64STORAGE (Calypso)
Sham20.10STORAGE (Calypso)
Sham Sand385038.50STORAGE (Calypso)
Shogun Arm Guards (M)12.19STORAGE (Calypso)
Shogun Foot Guards (M)112.75STORAGE (Calypso)
Short Firn Board14926.82STORAGE (Calypso)
Short Midastree Board1114.44STORAGE (Calypso)
Short Stinktree Board101.10STORAGE (Calypso)
Simple 1 Conductors25777.10STORAGE (Calypso)
Simple 1 Plastic Springs104.00STORAGE (Calypso)
Skeleton Shirt Yellow (F)110.00STORAGE (Calypso)
Socket 1 Component33133.10STORAGE (Calypso)
Socket 2 Component34634.60STORAGE (Calypso)
Socket 5 Component1327132.70STORAGE (Calypso)
Socket 6 Component1411141.10STORAGE (Calypso)
Sollomate Rubio (L)10.07STORAGE (Calypso)
Sollomate Rubio (L)10.06STORAGE (Calypso)
Sollomate Rubio (L)10.07STORAGE (Calypso)
Somin Glue19523.40STORAGE (Calypso)
Somin Tar1827109.62STORAGE (Calypso)
Star Dust32051.20STORAGE (Calypso)
Star Particles45236.16STORAGE (Calypso)
Starkhov LPR-4 (L)113.00STORAGE (Calypso)
Strong Cloth Extractor40.04STORAGE (Calypso)
Sunburst Ingot75.39STORAGE (Calypso)
Sunburst Stone40.44STORAGE (Calypso)
Super Charger Component5120.40STORAGE (Calypso)
Surface Hardener Component7014.00STORAGE (Calypso)
Telfium Ingot3113.02STORAGE (Calypso)
Telfium Stones10.14STORAGE (Calypso)
Tier 1 Component21021.00STORAGE (Calypso)
Tier 2 Component16122.54STORAGE (Calypso)
Traeskeron Skin8124.30STORAGE (Calypso)
Treasure Map 310.01STORAGE (Calypso)
Valurite Ingot8144.00STORAGE (Calypso)
Valurite Stone49294.00STORAGE (Calypso)
Veda Ingot57731039.14STORAGE (Calypso)
Veda Stones553.30STORAGE (Calypso)
Weak Cloth Extractor4294.29STORAGE (Calypso)
Wenrex Ingot6231.62STORAGE (Calypso)
Wenrex Stones50.85STORAGE (Calypso)
Xelo Haze10.39STORAGE (Calypso)
Xelo Vapour32.34STORAGE (Calypso)
Xeremite Ingot112.00STORAGE (Calypso)
Xeremite Ore624.00STORAGE (Calypso)
Yashib Ingot8052.00STORAGE (Calypso)
Yashib Stone425.46STORAGE (Calypso)
Yog Tusk10.10STORAGE (Calypso)
Youd27811.12STORAGE (Calypso)
Youd Bottle1396111.68STORAGE (Calypso)
Zanderium Ore12.50STORAGE (Calypso)
Zircon Ingot12919.35STORAGE (Calypso)
Zircon Stone35117.55STORAGE (Calypso)
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Apr 6, 2012
Fintropia Revolution
Avatar Name
Jarkko Jukanpoika Mainari
Currently playing PoE new league. Can be reached best via Discord / PM at forums.