Beginning the Immigration Process


Mar 18, 2006
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Savannah Vixen Marie
That’s right! We finally have the money to start the immigration paperwork process. :yay:

While James is down here for the next 2 weeks, ( as we extended his stay from the 9th to the 23rd)… I will fill out my part of the paperwork to obtain a Permanent Resident Card and put together all of the proof and documentation and pictures as best as I can before James heads back to Ottawa. Once he gets back, he’ll fill out what he needs to as my Sponsor and add the proof/ documentation he has to help prove that we are in a serious committed relationship.

As the sponsor, he needs to send all of the paperwork in along with a money order to pay for the processing. Since we are doing this in what’s called and “Outland” process… with me staying here in the US and James traveling back/forth, the paperwork tends to be put through a little faster than if we were together in Canada. Sure we legally have 6 months on our passports with a return ticket home… But neither of us can take that much time off from work with out pay.

After talking with an Immigration Lawyer, we felt that this was the safest route… As hard as it’s been spending so much time apart, it’s not worth the risk of getting deported and prolonging the process…

As it sits now James and I have been together since late June of 2007, married since November 2008 and the longest time we’ve spent together was 2 months and the longest time apart was 6 months. We are tired of all of the traveling, and we just want to be together under 1 roof. Now that we finally have the money set aside, we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s great that we have the 6 months to spend out of our country, but really… how many people can actually take 6 months of from work and and just leave like that? Not that I am expecting an answer… just saying.

As many times as we thought to have me spend 6 months up there and have him spend 6 months down here, that’s impossible as we both have bills to pay and there is NO way I can take that time off of work unpaid. Nor can I risk the chance of going up for 6 months, quit my job, sell everything I own, wait for the paperwork to be processed… ( sure a nice work free vacation since I can’t work legally up there)… and hope that it’s processed before my 6 months is up.. Otherwise I get deported and have nothing to come back too…

Needless to say, it’s been frustrating trying to figure all of this out… We want to do things right and hopefully as easily as possible… But there have been many hoops that we’ve had to jump through in order to get to where we are today. As the saying goes, ” What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger”. That statement holds true for James and I! Our marriage is stronger than most, all for having to endure a long distance relationship. :swoon:

Sure we have exchanged thousands of instant messages on MSN, countless emails, and spent a few hundred hours on skype along with the occasional use of our webcams to help get through our time apart… But we all know it’s not the same as being together. Having someone to come home to, Curling up with your loved one on the couch, Waking up next to them… well you get the idea.

We are really looking forward to putting this all behind us and being able to truly start our lives together
I still have yet to meet his sister in Calgary. Due to our work schedules, meeting has been impossible. Although I have met his parents and grandparents, they have been very supportive of our situation and are also looking forward to having me move up there. I’m sure his family is eager to see James as well.

Traveling will be a big part of our lives as James and I plan to settle in Ontario(east coast) and his parents and sister live in Alberta(west coast) and I have family here on the East Coast (USA).

Alrighty, I can see that I’ve rambled on for long enough… But that’s the latest and greatest news going on in my life…
See you in the next blog entry.:)