BIG Industries Hypercharged Grinder: 3000PED Weekly!


Apr 22, 2005
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Advance your reward credits count to earn rewards faster than ever!!

If you place in the weekly top 10, you will be awarded with 1 reward credit per global.
Higher places will give you a multipliers on these credits and even a possible 100 credit bonus!

Base Weekly Prizes:

1st Prize Most Hunting Globals Maximum Circuit Multiplier 6x
2nd Prize Most Hunting Globals Maximum Circuit Multiplier 5x
3rd Prize Most Hunting Globals Maximum Circuit Multiplier 4x
4th Prize Most Hunting Globals Maximum Circuit Multiplier 3x
5th Prize Most Hunting Globals Maximum Circuit Multiplier 2x
6th - 10th Prizes Most Hunting Globals Maximum Circuit Multiplier 1x
100+ Globals Grinder BONUS 50 Reward credits

Maximum Circuit Multipliers

The Maximum Circuit Multiplier is the highest multiplier that your placement in the event qualifies for. If you achieve 1st place you will not automatically receive a 6x multiplier, but you will be eligible to receive it. For each LA in the event that you obtain atleast 20 globals on you will receive 1 multiplier of your global count, up to the Maximum Circuit Multiplier you have available.

Touring Bonus

All participants who qualify in the top 10 places of the event will receive an additional 10 reward points for each LA in the event where they achieve 10 globals on.


Your final score was 28 Globals and you came in 7th place and had 11 globals on one LA and 17 on another.
-Your prize: 48 reward credits (28 globals with a multiplier of 1) + (20 Touring Bonus)

Your final score was 73 Globals and you came in 3rd and had 20 globals on three LA's and 13 on a fourth LA.
-Your prize: 259 (73 globals with a multiplier of 3 since three LA's had 20 globals on them of the four LA's you hunted on) + (40 Touring Bonus)

Your final score was 124 Globals and you came in 1st with 20 globals on five LA's and 24 on a sixth
-Your prize: 854 reward credits (124 globals with a multiplier of 6) + (50 grinder bonus) + (60 Touring Bonus)

If there is a tie the credits from each winner will be totaled and evenly distributed to those who are involved , multipliers will apply. If there is a tie with the 10th place, the credits that would be awarded will now be split over those avatars (outside the top10)
-Example: Places 5 and 6 are tied with each 47 points, 5th = 94 points and 6th = 47. Avatar are each awarded 71 reward credits.

What are Reward Credits?

Reward credits are gained for every global on BIG Industries and BIG Partner LandArea and are redeemable for ingame or real life items and ofcourse PEDs! Activate your BIG Industries Rewards-Plugin on EntropiaLife today to see all the options available!


Every new event week always starts on sunday 00:01 UTC and ends on Saturday 23:59 UTC Saturday.
You must be registered for the event by Wednesday 23:59 UTC to be eligable for a prize.


You can compete by hunting on the following LandArea's:

Reward credits payout:

Your reward credits are typically distributed within 72 hours of event close.
You can find your new reward credits added to your account in the BIG Industries Rewards-Plugin under the 'Credits Overview' tab. If you have any concerns with regard to receipt of your reward credits please contact Mike Freyr Perry on EntropiaLife.

Register on

You can register on the event page or signup with the BIG Industries Rewards-Plugin.
Any global/hof before registration will always be retro-actively added towards your weekly score even if you were not registered yet or the event was not showing on EntropiaLife.

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Week 3Hypercharged Grinder
1Christmas MrHanky Poo982
2Meloveyou LongTime FiveDolla650
3Quell Que Star532
4Jabez JAG Groove415
5Girts Smilgs Niedra302
6Oceane Nelkyael Calypso81
7jimmy mcmarty hoffa59
8Moraine Lynn Troskald50
9Raven Oracle Li45
10max 49'er uberhoffer45
Week 4
Hypercharged Grinder


Christmas MrHanky Poo
Jimmy Xpl0jd Volten
Moraine Lynn Troskald
Fatacuida Lorfat Lorfat
xo TRAP ox
Girts Smilgs Niedra
Zina Zina Razvan
Meloveyou LongTime FiveDolla
Oceane Nelkyael Calypso
SirFluid Hat Hat
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Week 5Hypercharged Grinder
1gaina messi91 cristi1954
2Moraine Lynn Troskald660
3Meloveyou LongTime FiveDolla524
4Girts Smilgs Niedra409
5xo TRAP ox182
6Fatacuida Lorfat Lorfat76
7Jimmy Xpl0jd Volten61
8SirFluid Hat Hat57
9Dorlune Dor Themage 50
10Travis Travis Timberlake43
Week 6Hypercharged Grinder
1gaina messi91 cristi2608
2Zina Zina Razvan805
3Meloveyou LongTime FiveDolla636
4Fatacuida Lorfat Lorfat472
5Forgorth Forgo Lundain328
6Girts Smilgs Niedra208
7David Guisto Olivier201
8Daniel DannyO Ocean94
9Balint Bleib Papp87
10Moraine Lynn Troskald82

New weekly record: gaina messi91 cristi with 418 globals
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Week 7Hypercharged Grinder
1gaina messi91 cristi1438
2Zina Zina Razvan1020
3Fatacuida Lorfat Lorfat680
4Jimmy Xpl0jd Volten451
5Girts Smilgs Niedra332
6xo TRAP ox200
7Moraine Lynn Troskald200
8Kamonpach BKK Empress89
9Dorlune Dor Themage88
10Moraine Lynn Troskald88
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Week 8Hypercharged Grinder
1Kamonpach BKK Empress1564
2Zina Zina Razvan880
3Girts Smilgs Niedra624
4Fatacuida Lorfat Lorfat418
5Dorlune Dor Themage192
6Balint Bleib Papp88
7Ajaar Datchomo Cimballi79
8NeophyteX NPX makeEZ65
9Pandragon EliasNHS Creator42
10Daniel DannyO Ocean18
10Dodo Sharky Ratiu18
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Week 9Hypercharged Grinder
1Iveline Ivi Stockhouse1078
2Kamonpach BKK Empress840
3Moraine Lynn Troskald556
4Girts Smilgs Niedra403
5NeophyteX NPX makeEZ184
6Cerb Hulk Beris82
7Fatacuida Lorfat Lorfat73
8xo TRAP ox63
9Lady Nadie Hawke40
10Maximus Lord Decimus37
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Week 10Hypercharged Grinder
1Iveline Ivi Stockhouse1576
2Cerb Hulk Beris1130
3Moraine Lynn Troskald904
4Girts Smilgs Niedra400
5xo TRAP ox166
6Fatacuida Lorfat Lorfat77
7Meloveyou LongTime FiveDolla62
8Ming fairgirl Li44
9Maximus Lord Decimus42
10Travis Fforest Cutter37
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