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Apr 23, 2023
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BobehZ LiveOn Kick
Hey Everyone,

Its been about a month and 2 weeks since ive been back grinding EU on a FRESH new account. (Old Player returning after 10 years gone)

My stream:
Sttarting fresh and streaming the current status of Entropia.
Following the progress and stages of a new player
tips and tricks from the community as I relearn so many things
Good practices that even some Ubers have picked up and started doing!
Bringing awareness to Entropia Universe and the trials new to mid level players go through and things ubers can do to help ensure they stay!
Exploring Events, Land areas and Planet Partners - inquire for personalized streams on yours specifically.

Can't wait to hang out with more of you in the channel and in game - the stream seems to be growing so nicely - the community here is truly blessed.
You can find me here:

Huge Youtube EU Drops
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Congrats to our monthly $50 (500 ped) winner Amie!
Points have been reset and im live now! Come earn free points and win!