Help: Can't purchase / deposit using xMoney


Aug 3, 2009
Chapel Hill, NC
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Davin Trooper Felth
After a reply from customer service that they increased my monthly deposit minimum as possible solution I'm asking for help as it was not a solution.
I tried various amounts of money via Webshop purchases and various amounts straight ped deposits (not webshop)
I've tried via my phone (Chrome browser) and PC (Firefox) and have the same result - all of the payment using my wallet are greyed out and say not enough, etc.

Does anyone know if there are minimum purchases using ETH on ETH network?
I have enough funds + gas in my wallet, but I notice when I go over $200 the wording changes (but I don't have THAT amount in wallet)

Only option I know to try is to try and change to another token on ETH network or change to another network = both which involve a fee that I want to avoid if it won't even work.
Here are the screen shots of $5 webshop vs $250 (in that order)

I used usdt vie polygon network straight from exchange as I had same issue not much worked and trying to figure it all out got me 425 error with ma website.

Worked fairly good low fees 1 dollar from exchange plus xmoney fee went through within 15mins.
response from Xmoney:
glad I know more than MA does. So now I can use polygon and pay a nice fee to move my ETH.
This is me learning crypto!

Please be aware that depending on the amount you are expected to pay, not all networks and currencies will be available as a payment option in our widget.

On Ethereum network only payments over 200€ (or equivalent) are possible.

But we do support payments as low as 0.01€ on other networks, such as Polygon.

Please check this link for more details on min and max amounts: