Chapter 3. Searching for my Darling & Organising Finances


Jan 15, 2015
Naval Station Triton
The Society
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Louise Ranavolana Brooks
Tom Tennant was the Bartender at Moonshine Bar, he seemed helpful & approachable.

“So you are Slack’s little lady, he had so much to say about you”

Obviously telling everyone how much he missed me I thought.

“ he just disappeared, & we have really noticed a drop in our takings since he has gone”

He left a note for you though, also a bar tab which he said you would be picking up.

I snatched the note holding it for a while against my breast till the fluttering in my heart started to subside. Then, with shaking hands, I tore open the envelope & started reading.

“My Dearest Louise,

There has been some problems, while you were taking your own sweet time to come to me, I felt I had no option but to try to increase my (what’s this? MY its OUR, finances) by skilfull investments.

I have placed all the funds in Treasure Maps J I am sure they will repay my financial acumen in due course – but it has left us with a cash flow problem.

Of course this could all have been avoided if you had left earlier and/or just caught a faster ship.

But for all that I still love you dearly, if you would just cover my tab, and pay my mate Fred Hackett the Passport Officer 10K for my passport, buy the necessary items to enable me to activate my treasure maps, then everything will be cool. In the meantime I am off to the Oilfields to earn money for our future together – it is a horrible dangerous place, but I am quite prepared to make sacrifices for you.

Your Darling Slack

“He loves me” I thought “I am the most fortunate of women “

The hard earned peds I had acquired on my trip to Celeste were all gone in paying my Darlings necessary expenses – I had no way of getting the 10K sweat.

Lucky for me Tom had some suggestions – “check your Planetary Storage luv “ there you will find a VSE Mark 1, go to Celeste Outpost & join the sweaters there & use it to suck the life force out of random Nusuls there – they love it, its like tickles them, you will have your 20K sweat in no time “

“And may I say (smirk), there are other ways for someone like you to earn some peds.– There are plenty of young single men on Arkadia and they have “appetites” get me ( nudge nudge wink wink).”

They can pay handsomely to have these “appetites” satisfied. Here take this phone number & if you ever feel the need I can organi......”

“What type of a girl do you take me for” I retorted angrily while carefully tucking the note with the phone number in my purse.

How dare you sirrah – I am off now to the Outpost, I will have the sweat & peds in no time.