Chapter 9; random musings on arkadian history - the arkadians


Jan 15, 2015
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Louise Ranavolana Brooks
The weather is bitterly cold and the atmosphere is dry and dusty, visibility is limited. I can see Oratans in the distance carrying out their irritating and illogical patrols, probably hunting for me, as I have been actively hunting them.
But, I am operating at my limits and I need a break to repair and maintain my equipment and just to rest for a while. They can hunt themselves in the meantime, for now I have had enough.
I am warm and safe for the moment, so while taking it easy, my mind wanders and I wonder whatever is going on here. Humans have inserted themselves into an ancient conflict and there is just so much we do not know about it and the participants, the native Arkadians (probably extinct now) and the Oratans (highly dangerous and aggressive). In fact I suspect that maybe our leaders know a bit more than the rest of us – but for some reason are not passing the information on. I wonder why.
My equipment includes both Arkadian and Oratan items, I study them and you know what, they have a story, they speak to me, that they have a story to tell about the nature and philosophy of their makers.
My armour is a full set of Mah’ketta, Arkadian equipment that I acquired. I hesitate to use such words as beautiful and exquisite to describe it as these adjectives suggest that it is somehow symbolic or only just for show. No way, this armour is extremely durable and effective.
But even having said that, it is inadequate to withstand skilful and concerted attacks from higher level Oratans, even when reinforced with the technology of human plates. I know more advanced Arkadian armour exists, beautiful but very rare and expensive. I cannot afford it, even if it was available.
I have no Arkadian weapons – as I prefer to rely on Mindforce to attack, repair and move around. It seems that Arkadians did not use Mindforce, nor use guns of any type. They relied on swords.
At first glance this looks more primitive than Human or Oratan equipment – especially as it seems that their technology is way more advanced, we just have the tremendous advantage of being able to study their accomplishments and piggyback on them – that technology we have been able to find and decipher that is.
But if you study those Arkadian swords you very quickly see how sophisticated and high tech they are – they were not limited to using, Arkadians choose to use them.
What I take from this is that Arkadians were able to marry both form and function – being highly civilised but in no way effete. To be able to create a beautiful item that is also deadly effective takes a great deal of skill and awareness.
The fact they choose a melee weapon shows that to them combat is a personal thing – not that you win but how you do so. Close up person to person, honour was of great importance to them.
About Oratans – well they had a civilization but not as we know it (and I use the past tense deliberately). More on them later but first I will have a meal of delicious bat soup and then a sleep.