FYI: Compet has its own forum now. Please register there.

Nice, thanks for the post.

Forum looks well designed in terms of style imo.
EMW can now peacefully stay in connection with his arena-people now.
Registered there & cannot login.
good thing !
looks like the devs are inactive over there... ugh...

Worse yet, this place is their 'go to' place for 'support' issues since's support page has a compet pulldown category, but support team there say to use the forum or facebook pages for compet... Sounds similar to how many "Ask Mindark" threads that Kim answered back on entropiaforum (some of which apparently were 'recently' deleted since some old links aren't working any more over there)

Thank you for contacting us.

All issues regarding Compet should be directed towards the Compet staff.

You can reach them on either the Compet forum or on their Facebook page.

Kind regards,
Hank | Entropia Universe Support
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If ladyliegh is the name you registered under I can not see it on the members list. Maybe it did not take? Did you get a welcome email?

Embarrassed to say I spelled my name wrong when I registered, lol
So on ComPet I am known as Cataina instead of Catiana, oh well...
(I wanted to use my EU name on compet)