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  • Yeah will probably be an 'in' vote and then we carry on serving our Brussels' overlords ;)
    hi matt warpath gave me a set of goblin and told me to give to you. It's a prize for the march on troy event so we need to get in touch so i can give it to you :)
    I have a friend that does not speak English and I would like to register him. His name is Kenneth Kenneth HG.
    hiya matthew,
    yesterday i registered for the neconucu event. i was number 47 of 50. i paid 15 PED for thr ticket. when the event started i were kicked from the area. and it said that i dont registered. but my 15 PED were lost :(
    Hi Matthew yes i got your p.m. , real life has had me busy mate amongst other things. :/

    Please p.m. me all the details and everything.

    All the best,

    DNA part was swaped for a rifle and the guy has already spoke with manu ty matt :)
    ahhh, yeah no the feeling. :)

    thank you for getting back to me, really appreciate it.

    GL with the RL stuff for the next little while mate,
    and ho
    hey matthew,

    sorry i've not got back to you in the last fortnight but RL is hectic. I'm in the process of changing jobs, which i'm sure you can appreciate, is a busy time due to the paperwork alone. couple that with a qualification course i'm signing on for and then union stuff i'm trying to finalise before the job change and you can probably see why i've not got back to you sooner....and that's even before the family needing attention too :)

    That said, i have got 2 weeks leave coming up from next monday and hopefully all this nonsense will be over by then so i can have time again for PE/EU and EF.

    Rest assured, i have not forgotten but it's had to take a major back seat lately so i appologise for the inconvenience.
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