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Jul 6, 2007
Seattle, WA USA
Hunters Unlimited
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Devon Deeveon Knight
I have the following Cyrene bps for sale. Note, all trades to take place on Calypso.

If interested, PM me here or find me in-game via User Register (Devon Deeveon Knight)

NameRem. AttemptsQRContainerPrice (PED)
A.R.C. P.I.G.V. Mk. II (L) Blueprint (L)10Blueprints: A.R.C.2000%
Acid Protective Coating Blueprint1.0Blueprints: A.R.C.1
Acid Protective Coating Blueprint1.0Blueprints: A.R.C.1
Blemish Remover Blueprint1.0Blueprints: A.R.C.1
Bonding Liquid Blueprint (L)16Blueprints: A.R.C.1000%
Cold Protective Coating Blueprint1.0Blueprints: A.R.C.1
Cold Protective Coating Blueprint1.0Blueprints: A.R.C.1
Dragonfly v1 (L) Blueprint (L)8Blueprints: A.R.C.2500%
Ferguson's All Purpose Lube Blueprint (L)19Blueprints: A.R.C.150%
Ferguson's Amalgam Blueprint (L)37Blueprints: A.R.C.150%
Ferguson's Refined Amalgam Blueprint (L)88Blueprints: A.R.C.200%
Heavy Power Cell Blueprint1.0Blueprints: A.R.C.2.5
Light Power Cell Blueprint14.6Blueprints: A.R.C.3
Lysterium Power Container Blueprint30.6Blueprints: A.R.C.18
Medium Power Cell Blueprint1.0Blueprints: A.R.C.3
Protective Coating Blueprint1.0Blueprints: A.R.C.4
Ripper Hide Armor Plate (L) Blueprint (L)100Blueprints: A.R.C.1000%
Robotics Enhancing Gel Blueprint (L)166Blueprints: A.R.C.250%
Scout Arm Guards Blueprint1.0Blueprints: A.R.C.1
Scout Boots Blueprint1.0Blueprints: A.R.C.1
Scout Gloves Blueprint1.0Blueprints: A.R.C.1
Scout Harness Blueprint1.0Blueprints: A.R.C.1
Scout Helmet Blueprint1.0Blueprints: A.R.C.1
Scout Shin Guards Blueprint1.0Blueprints: A.R.C.1
Scout Thigh Guards Blueprint1.0Blueprints: A.R.C.1
Spear MK. IV (L) Blueprint (L)10Blueprints: A.R.C.2000%
Cube Empowered Lube Blueprint1.0Blueprints: Cyrene1
Cube Enhanced Metal Blueprint1.0Blueprints: Cyrene1
Cube Fortified Motherboard Blueprint1.0Blueprints: Cyrene1
Cube Infused Calcium Blueprint1.0Blueprints: Cyrene1
Cube Infused Hormone Blueprint1.0Blueprints: Cyrene1
Embossed Cyrene Shirt Blueprint1.0Blueprints: Cyrene1
Enkidd Dire S1 (L) Blueprint2.2Blueprints: Imperium1
Enkidd Fang S1 (L) Blueprint1.0Blueprints: Imperium1
Imperium Cube Component 1 Blueprint3.4Blueprints: Imperium2
Imperium Cube Component 2 Blueprint3.7Blueprints: Imperium2
Imperium Cube Component 3 Blueprint3.7Blueprints: Imperium2
Imperium Cube Component 4 Blueprint3.1Blueprints: Imperium2
Imperium Cube Component 5 Blueprint5.3Blueprints: Imperium2
Imperium Issue 400 (L) Blueprint1.0Blueprints: Imperium1
Imperium Key Cube Blueprint1.0Blueprints: Imperium1
Imperium Servo Blueprint (L)21Blueprints: Imperium150%
Imperium Spec Lancer (L) Blueprint (L)10Blueprints: Imperium1800%
Patterned Shirt Series 1(L,C) Blueprint2.5Blueprints: Imperium1
Pilot Scorpion Rank 4 (L) Blueprint1.0Blueprints: Imperium1
Imperium Common Shirt Blueprint (L)10Blueprints: Turrelion800%
Ozpyn BP S1X1 Blueprint1.0Blueprints: Turrelion1
Ozpyn Cold Armor Plate (L) Blueprint1.0Blueprints: Turrelion1
Ozpyn Filters Blueprint1.9Blueprints: Turrelion1
Ozpyn Lever Blueprint22.5Blueprints: Turrelion6
Ozpyn Matrix Blueprint35.0Blueprints: Turrelion8
Paneleon Leather Texture Blueprint2.8Blueprints: Turrelion2
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