Question: Do you have names for some of your items?


Apr 13, 2006
Haugesund, Norway
Death Unlimited
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Luke Dalas Cambridge
I'm trying to think of a name for my Mod FAP.

Already have a Saehrimnir called the RiggyDiggy (used at the Oil Rig many years ago).

I'm curious as to whether others give their favourite items names?

Also, any help finding a name for mine would be appreciated. If I pick your suggestion or even use a part of it, I'll give you some free Mod FAP healing :)
Oratan axe used to be lil hunting buddy. Katsuchi determination is lil grinder. Boiga is big boy tamer. Viper is lil tamer. Shop is Maria's muse. Apt is the zoo.
mod fap could be called christian tamer...since this game is so evil
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Good to see I'm not alone :D

I also have a few guns which I call "THE Gun", "ZE Gun" and "DAT Gun".
My imk2 is "Beauty", she is the one woman I will never leave :)
I had a Master guard club named Lucille but i sold it. She is in good hands