Selling: Earth Shock Trooper EST (M,L) 252,8 Ped tt SB 1900% BO 2200%


Mar 4, 2007
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Just the Iceman JTI
Earth Shock Trooper EST (M,L) 252,8 Ped tt SB 2000% BO 2200%

Hi Everyone,

With a heavy heart Im doing that, selling topic but my irl situation force me to sell most of my stuff and withdraw money to help my family. This full est set got 252,8 ped:

256 Earth Shock Trooper Arm Guards (M,L) 1 39.36 PED STORAGE (Planet Arkadia)
258 Earth Shock Trooper Foot Guards (M,L) 1 26.49 PED STORAGE (Planet Arkadia)
259 Earth Shock Trooper Gloves (M,L) 1 22.36 PED STORAGE (Planet Arkadia)
260 Earth Shock Trooper Harness (M,L) 1 53.39 PED STORAGE (Planet Arkadia)
261 Earth Shock Trooper Helmet (M,L) 1 35.68 PED STORAGE (Planet Arkadia)
262 Earth Shock Trooper Shin Guards (M,L) 1 34.52 PED STORAGE (Planet Arkadia)
263 Earth Shock Trooper Thigh Guards (M,L) 1 41.00 PED STORAGE (Planet Arkadia)

Also I got spare foots without SB, BO is 2200%

257 Earth Shock Trooper Foot Guards (M,L) 1 20.79 PED STORAGE (Planet Arkadia)

Selling also 6 x Adjusted nanites which I was slowly buying to make me an viceroy update. Make me an offer for those also:

15 Adjusted Nanites 6 6.00 PED STORAGE (Planet Arkadia) SOLD

More stuff might added later when I sort everything

Best regards
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