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Apr 7, 2010
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Cool entropia tools down so this is real handy at the moment.
Great tool
Especially how breaks dwn how many peds in each location (Callipso/rocktopia/carried etc)


Apr 21, 2007
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Problem in paradise...

Looks like Mindark may have changed something on their end or something. When I try it now I get this error message:
PROBLEM: No top-level containers (STORAGE,CARRIED,etc).
Are you sure you've pasted Entropia Inventory
into the box on the left?
Tried it on two browsers and same issue on both.

I think they changed it on their end by adding the little button to the right that jumps you to the container each item is in... so end of line parsing is probably thrown off by that I suspect.

Mindark if you are reading this, would be nice if you did something similar to what the tree view does next time you reprogram this website list. Also, still find it frustrating that all ESTATE items are just listed together... If you have multiple estates, especially on multiple planets, it makes it difficult to determine what is where, as usual, which is one reason this thing came in to being in the first place... Most folks actually using tools like this are likely shop owners, etc. which DO typically have more than one estate.

It'd be nice if the MY ITEMS list just gave shop owners or apartment dwellers, etc. a nice comprehensive list of each item in each estate separated by which estate they are in. As it is I typically empty out apartments so I know anything in the list in ESTATE is in the shop I own, and I don't really want to own more than one shop since this problem with the list makes it difficult to remember which item is in which shop on which planet, etc. I'm still not sure how folks that have shops on multiple planets manage to do things without going insane.

The little jump to buttons are a nice add on, but a lot more can be done in my humble opinion. Add which estate each item in an estate is on... add in listing of what markup is for each item, etc., heck maybe even make it all exportable as a cvs file, etc. Copy/paste in to spreadsheet is doable, but if it downloaded an actual pre-parsed file that had all sorts of more info in it that the game's data can provide... i.e. a column for each item info window for each, a column to sort by all the type of data wiki can do, etc. a column for each auction history indicator, a column for markup in the shop currently, a column for how much time left on each auction item, current auction bid, etc.

Before these little extra jump to buttons were on their I think Tree View was truncating last letters on most items making it where you had to add em in manually if you did back end editing in a spreadsheet, etc. That was going on for a long while... but now it doesn't parse the list at all and just throws that error message.

While I am glad Tree View exists, it's really quite silly that programmers at Mindark haven't done enough on their part to actually make it so that third party stuff like this is needed in the first place. If they don't have the ability to get that level of info out of the game and on to the website, it's probably no surprise that a shop directory hasn't been created yet... but maybe the jump to buttons are a step in the right direction and they are starting to realize that there's a lot more they could be doing?
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Jul 18, 2006
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I haven't played in ages. It was a pleasant surprise that this ancient utility was still being used.
Sadly, there is no quick fix; the critical change is removing the first column item number and that's what is causing the regular expression that matches the items list to fail.
It is all written in non-obfuscated javascript. The relevant include is i-tree.js -- if you don't know how to get it without help, you probably don't have the required skills to fix the code. :rolleyes: And if anyone does come up with a fix, I'll be happy to apply it and keep the hosting TreeView.