EntropiaGold's: GoldGrinder - The Ultimate Grinder Event

Killing mobs and taking names
Need a short breather from Mayhem? Come kill some Atrox, Neconu, Scipulor, or Bibo n Berys!
Never. Stop. Shooting. 😉
"Aim for the stars, shoot the Atrox in the face"
-Robin Williams
The gold is there, you bring the grind!
Need a short breather from Mayhem? Come kill some Atrox, Neconu, Scipulor, or Bibo n Berys!
Keep at it, never give up.
Grinding to find your purpose? Look again.
It's been exactly one year since this event launched. Quite happy with how its gone!! Thank you for all the continued support 🙏
Sunday bloody Sunday!
Don't have a case of the Mondays! Come grind on 4 different LAs and hunt 5 different mobs!
Get your dailys done, and rack up that Gold at the same time!
You know the drill! GL out there 💪
So many mobs to kill, so many rewards to earn! 🤠
Enjoy your weekend!!
Hope your Sunday has been nice!
Atroxes, Scipulors, Neconus, Berycleds, Combibos. There is no better place to do your daily missions and grind up those codex rewards. Hunt in a fully automated event where your rewards are automatically tracked and updated on entropiagold.com

The new gold standard for events has been set. What are you waiting for? Join today.

Grind your place in the universe.
Gotta keep on grinding, sometimes its the only way.
April showers bring something something. You know what does push up the daisies? Dead Atrox bodies.
Keep your hand on the trigger and your three digit security code handy.
Pew pew! ☺ Don't stop now!
Scipulor daily mission? I know the #1 thickest spawn in the universe. Deino Island. Take Medusa Teleporter and fly South for 20 seconds, you're there.
Have you killed any Berycled today? What about murdered a Combibo? Help keep these pest populations under control!
A fully automated event you say? Daily bonuses you say? Weekly bonuses you say? Monthly bonuses you say? Level progression and a chance to win HUGE jackpots no matter what LA I hunt in the event??? Is this real life? No, this is GoldGrinder. The Ultimate event that has everything you ever wanted in an in game event. Its finally here, a dream that became a reality. Its never too late to join this event because its never going away. Chip away at your codex and run your daily missions on these mobs in the #1 player run event in the universe:

Bercyled Stalkers
Combibo Stalkers

Rediscover Entropia

Watch this short 3 minute video on YouTube explaining everything you need to know about the pure awesomeness that is GoldGrinder