Suggestion: Fix EPs BPs and ingame economy ASAP

Ivo Jahrumble

Feb 6, 2007
Porto, Portugal
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Ivo Jahrumble Rocha

Almost one year after starting a thread about this and on the followup of another thread touching the same issue being created I decided to create a new support case about this issue.

Once again Im rallying for support from my fellow players to request that MA fixes the ingame economy ASAP.

Below I will transpose everything I wrote in my support ticket. My request to the players is that everyone that agrees with the changes suggested, creates a support ticket, link the number of my support ticket and state your support for this changes in a respectfull manner with MA.

From my experience companys only listen when a big amount of complaints about the same issue get to them. Spread the word and support for a change that will make this game one step closer to being the best game out there.



It has come to my attention that during the last LAN Club Q&A there was a question that got a very worrying answer. Below you can find it transposed.

Question: Any plans to look over the Explosive Projectile blueprints as they are making a lot of crafting materials and blueprints obsolete as people only click these instead?

Answer: Yes, this is being looked at and will most likely get changed in the future. In what way Mindark has no current answer.

It is baffling that MA has no current answer as this topic has sbeen discussed between player in forum more than it is healthy.

Let me give you some pointers where to start fixing the game:

Shortly after rejoining Entropia I did this thread and opened a support ticket regarding this issue.

A few other threads after this led to some very insightfull ideas from the players. I will post the links below:

All of these discussions end with the same conclusion. The problem with the in-game economy begins with EP crafting using nanocubes from TT. This needs fixing ASAP as it discourages any player wanting to craft from buying loot created by other professions hence making most loot obsolete outside 5% of it.

The quick fix that we players found and request at this stage and if possible with implementation before UE5 is the following:

1.- Remove nanocubes from TT
2.- All loot can be converted to nanocubes (same way as shrapnel is converted to uniammo)
3.- Disable repair terminals and create a bp using nanocubes to make a "repair wire". This will balance the high usage of unL items to produce loot and MU from TT alone (same problem as EPs create) - I do understand this last step requires some studying from MA part to implement.

This change will tie up the high cycle of loot created by other professions giving it a residual value and some meaning to justify the hours spent gathering it. Furthermore it will create a need for high amounts of loot to be traded and bring back a little bit of the original game we learned to love.

As it is EPs are a facade for a gambling operation. A facade that is every day being discovered by more and more players. It is unfair on the players that support the game that we don´t have an economy that works in a RCE game.

It is clear that with EPs MindArk took something that should be belong to the economy and all players and put it in MAs pocket only.

Do this as soon as possible as more and more are getting fed up and quiting. You will open doors to old and a new wave of players that would like to join in as soon as you guys implement a fix that validates the economy as pvp not player vs house.

Please give back the game to the players that supported this game for so long. We deserve it and the game can only grow from where it is now!

End transcription.

I have been surviving with the game economy as is, but having experimented the true Entropia Universe game we played before EPs this feels souless as is. As stated in my original thread. I still believe this game has the potential to be one of the greatest games out there. Please stop turning it more and more into a ponzi scheme.

Case id for anyone who want to suppor this is 419312 - Spread the word in game please.

Ivo Jahrumble Rocha