Frank reveals secrets of egg and notes!

MA-Ceo Connors has hoffed:O

No Hofs from the MA Staff!?

Well, that can only mean 2 things.

MA Staff are liars and/or loot is avatar specific and they make sure that no-one on staff hits an Uber loot. Can you imagine the outcry if Frank was the recipient of an ATH!?

PS. Now I know why it took so long for this interview to hit the forum. He had to add some sound effects... nice one.
Do MA staff deposit? That's the big question! :D

The guy in the background calling Frank a n00b for not hoffing should recieve a medal, and pity for not ever getting a global again :p Priceless ;)

Lol, that was David Simmons.
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You know, I just can't get excited anymore. Yeah yeah, I know, bash the whiner. That aside, seriously, I just can't go "oh I can't wait for that" anymore. Why? Because there's always strings attached, or because I know it'll be implemented in a fashion where 90-95% of the players get partially, if not totally shafted.

This of course if you can even bother to believe the words that come out of Marco's or Frank's mouth in the first place, which honestly, I can't.

If MA really wants to impress people, they should just can the new stuff for another 6 months and work on this whole trust issue with the community. I mean there's no reason for the way things are. Yes, I rant and rail and condemn, but you know what, honestly, I just want to talk. It's not just me either, it's a lot of players.

We want to know why, to a lot of things. Namely this whole business with subtle, and now, no longer subtle changes in things that cost us money. MA, if you guys are in trouble, don't pull the deal Enron did. Don't tell us everything's ok until it's not and then jump ship.

Meh, I know, the horse has long been dead, and we keep floggin' it, but damn it. We want this to be our universe too. If you don't start "involving" the players in things soon, there's no doubt in my mind that it's gonna turn around and bite you in the ass, and hard.

In fact, it is specifically for that reason, and that reason alone that I log in for a few weeks after the release of each VU. That's kinda sad, that it's become more entertaining to watch you guys shoot yourselves in the foot over and over then it is to actually play. Well, your loss. We'll be here when you want to talk.

I fully second this.


Where's he from? That dialect..can't place it.

Do MA staff deposit? That's the big question! :D


I think they get their salary in PED's, mate...