Goals / Projects


May 8, 2006
Finland, Denmark & Sweden
Antipodean Army
Goals / Projects

To keep motivation up during the long sweating sessions etc I try to have goals I need to reach. It keeps me motivated and makes the game more enjoyable. Think about it in a way where you set up a lot of goals on the way to the real goal, as the road would just be too long to wander if you just see that goal far far far away and have no waypoints to reach on the way. It works in real life, so why would it not work in Entropia I thought. So don't laugh at them, know some are silly, but all to keep motivation up and give a sense of compeletion.


A) Reach 50K Sweat in storage. (38.3K atm)
B) Plan for basic mining and hunting runs. (Researching still)
C) Finding a Soc. (On hold)
D) Entropia Tracker 3 month premium membership. *COMPLETED*
E) Check into selling EFD for PEDs
F) Reach 1000 Sweating Skill (777 atm)
G) Collect one full set of armour.


A) Economical Hunting and Mining research. Currently pestering a lot
of people and forum threads to gain more information on this. Do not have a direct profit goal for these two areas (hunting / mining). I am happy with the skills gain it will give, sweat will fill up more funds to do more runs as time goes on.

My thread for Eco Hunting: Budget / Economical Hunting for a newbie

I will go with Opalo without gear for my hunting after many discussions with people and my own opinions added to it. Reasons is for it's cheap hunting with just a gun and no repair costs for armour. And when I am done with my sweating I will have a pretty ok evade situation going for me.

Mining comes into the picture as I am hoping to be able to create my own ME. Thereby myself be able to provide the mats I need for the production of ME, I think this can increase my chances in getting more time in mining / hunting and less time sweating.

B) Grouping, I have sadly not done much grouping at all so far. I did run as a FAP medic with my low skills for a hunter. I enjoyed this. I got a FAP provided to use on him, he gained a personal medic and I gained skills with my FAP and experience by talking to and observing the hunter. So this is something I will look into doing more often. But I don't know how many hunters have interest in this, but I hope some do! Let me know if you want a baby FAP:er following you aruond.

C) Finding a soc. I started to read about some different socs I seen around. There are quite many interesting that I feel give a good impression and seem to have a good setup. I do tho also realise that what I can offer to a soc is very limited at the moment and not expecting to become a very valuable member for a soc very soon. It will take time for me to build up my character and need to find a soc that realises this but still think I am suitable to join them.

I am not expecting a free ride or anything like that from a soc. I am looking for a soc where I can feel at home. Other players to interact with, people who can help me with my questions and hopefully even I can help some other members. Probably I won't do much help knowledge wise, but I do not mind comming along hunts as a fap bot or do some baby damage with my newbie weaponry.