Grinding... to a halt?


Nov 9, 2005
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Akira AkiranBlade Kurusowa
Day 123 - 24/02/2008

Well, maybe not, but I am definately feeling the pinch of skill slow down :) Basically 5000 levels in any skill and you really see a significant slow-down. The more skills you have over the 5k mark, the slower it gets.

However, that being said, I am still motoring through :) So, after an intensive weekend where are my skills/levels at?

Well, after only 2 days, I've managed to get to Level 37 Laser Pistoleer... only 2 days!

Level 37 Laser Pistoleer - Intensive Skilling for teh winz!​

Also, I've ticked over to 118 HP too. It's quite funny actually, at this time, the HP bar is moving along with the top profession but I doubt that will be the case for long :)

118 HP - Agility still moving up fairly quickly

My skill levels at 118 HP​

Some brief statistical work I did last night was to project where I will be over time at my current rate of skilling. So, ok, I'm no statistition and I've not got a great sample of data to do the projection properly.

So what did I have to go on? Well, from Level 35 to Level 36 using the Improved M2870 with A204 amp it took 17 hunts with 340 PED of ammo (310 PED on the M2870 and 30 PED on the Imp. FF8k.)

Moving on from there it took 19 hunts to get from Level 36 to Level 37. So this gives me a sequence of:

HcL = HpL + 2


HcL = Hunts for Current Level
HpL = Hunts for Level Previous

Of course, this is not finished, I need to finish Level 37 and find out how many hunts that takes, this will let me know if the increase is linear or has a function applied to it.

The upshot is, with the current data (which is clearly not conclusive) Combat Sense should come in 83 days after I get Coolness and Commando won't show it's face until Summer 2009 o.0. There are, of course far too many variables moving forward. I won't be staying on Argonauts. In fact I am really looking forward to getting Coolness because I will then be released from my South Nymphtown prison! :)

The question then is; "What the heck to do I hunt next?" I have a couple of ideas but I'm also going to make my plan on how I hunt too. Basically I am intending to stick to one mob per professional standing level, until I find a mob I'm happy to camp, get reasonable return on and gained good enough skill gains.

Anyhow, see you at Level 38 :D

Good Luck and HoF,