Happy 18th birthday Jo Pedhunter Smith


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May 11, 2014
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On this 21 May, 18 years ago, a colonist by the name of Jo Pedhunter Smith was born at the CDF military hospital on Eudoria.

His mother Mary Jane Smith, a fearless warrior queen, rumoured to have slain the first ever Hussk discovered & his father Herb Pedhunter, a talented prospector from FOMA, have long since entered the eternal hunting grounds of Calypso.

The name Pedhunter Smith however lives on & this is a short history of Jo's coming of age.

His father's amassed fortunes have been forever lost in the Nuclear Loot Purge near Mount Hephastos some years ago. Jo never the less decided to follow in his fathers footsteps using the mining knowledge & skills passed down to him.

His mining empire now stretches from the most far flung places on Calypso to the depth of the Arkadian Underground, from the domes of FOMA to the mountains of Cyrene. Jo's reputation as a savvy prospector are known & respected across the entire Entropia Universe.

Jo can often be seen spending his pastime fishing tuna at the ocean depths around Fort Cayuze. Having recently completed all 25 stages of the Leviathan initiation rituals, he's now also a master of navigating the wild seas of Calypso.

He has tirelessly worked his way through the ranks of the infamous Guess Who squadron. After our former General Stelios has retired from active duty, Jo has been unanimously elected as the new Leader by Guess Whooligans rank & file.

I am sure everyone who had the pleasure of making Jo's acquaintance will agree with me that he's a true gentleman & a great friend.

Ever the uncompromising optimist he patiently listens to my broke a$$ whinging about loot, always going out of his way to help others with advise & in deed. If we'd all be a lil more Jo, the Entropia Universe would be a better place for it.

Now please join me in congratulating Jo on his coming of age. May Lootius watch over you & make your next 18 years as eventful & enjoyable as the first 18.

On a side note: Guess Who soc is putting a lil something together for his birthday. If you wanna chip in a few pecs then please get in touch with me (no later than Wednesday, 21 May, noon EU time). Other than that I'm sure Jo would be just as happy about a quick private message, wishing him well.

Again, all the best bud!
Your friends & fellow Guess Whooligans
Happy Birthday from the Skillin Villains.
Been cruising the various bars of Calypso last night.

Unfortunately there's still no beer for our party today.

At this stage we're well past the "I'd like to speak to the manager"

Sorry, they forgot to remove the (L) from amp as requested...

Happy BDay Jo!!