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  • Ty for your comments on my site ^_^

    I love to do my best on my ideas and I'm glad that you appreciate it :)
    your inbox is full...braiinnnnssssss....i googled...and youtubed, but there are too many. So clear your inbox and tell me :)
    I am a finance student, writing my master thesis about socs in EU. i would like to interview some of the members of this soc.
    I hope that you soc, will help me

    best regards
    miss master thesis
    ah Backgrounds, cool :) I have one of the older pics from the last vu as my bg, but think I will change it. Actually as I sat and went through the pics as a slide show I thought it would make a nice screen saver so think I will work setting that up on my pc too .
    Hey man, you were commenting on my Entropia art. You were saddened because it wasn't Walpaper sized.

    Well, you're in luck!

    I am able to make it the size of a walpaper. ^_^

    You want me to? Just gimme the go with a thumbsup and we'll see from there.
    Hi there my friend!

    You can have just about anything you want, just specify and i'll get to work with it. :)

    "Bow you say you're lonley
    You cried the long night through
    Well you can Cry me an ENGINE®, Cry me an ENGINE®
    *Cause I've cried an ENGINE® over you"
    No worries :)

    We all need breaks once in a while, it'll be interesting to see what happens with this crytopia stuff. I've convinced too many people to stay and see what happens/
    I hope I made the right move :)
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